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Salzburg is seriously an incredible recruiter of talent. Clubs looking to sign football directors and youth coaches should start there.
cazterk 2 שעות לפני
nice to see our fellow country man been covered 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏽
Shihab Rahman
Shihab Rahman 3 שעות לפני
velan v
velan v 4 שעות לפני
Patson reminds me of Sadio Mane. If Ings does leave for Man City, I can see Patson Daka joining Southampton or Leicester. That’s if Jesse Marsch doesn’t bring him to Leipzig
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 7 שעות לפני
At the 2014 World Cup when Germany was up 5-0 they stopped celebrating
Julian Løpes
Julian Løpes 8 שעות לפני
2021 Sporting CP are Champion 💚💚💚💚
Ackim Bwalya Lucheshi
Ackim Bwalya Lucheshi 10 שעות לפני
great job Adrian and Ben,, as though you guys were there when all this happened..goshh excellent
Santos Argueta
Santos Argueta 12 שעות לפני
5 teams can make the champions league who are they in la liga
Filipe Pinheiro
Filipe Pinheiro 13 שעות לפני
Filipe Pinheiro
Filipe Pinheiro 13 שעות לפני
Jeremy Basset
Jeremy Basset 13 שעות לפני
Every time Adrian said "league uhrr" I laughed a bit
rod wright
rod wright 15 שעות לפני
MUFC Scum Deserve all they get Hated by every other club in England we are all laughing at you. No Sympathy any where
wave runner
wave runner 17 שעות לפני
When the trophys dry up, none of the fans were moaning when they were winning now there a laughing stock and we're all loving it they cry like babies, we got no trophys we got no medals were only in the eropa cup, we only play on Thursdays and Sundays, haha take the pain, up the city
Tristan 19 שעות לפני
Yeah Mbappe is far more important than Neymar in Ligue 1, which makes Neymar extending his contract and Mbappe still not doing so rather worrying
Major M
Major M 19 שעות לפני
4:34 I didn't know Donnarumma plays for Juventus. what happened to Wojciech Szczęsny ?
Arseni Mikhailov
Arseni Mikhailov 20 שעות לפני
I really wonder what would have happened if Conte would have gotten his wish and gotten Lukaku instead of Morata that summer at Chelsea. After a hot start Morata quickly fell off and Conte was gone and criticized because of the mismanagement of the Diego Costa situation. Also not getting the player he wanted was one of the things that destroyed his relationship with the Chelsea board.
Matt Potter
Matt Potter 22 שעות לפני
There's no such team as Nottingham!!! It's either Nottingham Forest or Notts County. Journalists like you should know better than this!!! Please get the names right. Would you call Real Madrid just Madrid? No you wouldn't!!! Also title collapses are from I'd say a minimum of 10 points so Real's collapse and Newcastle's are the only ones here that really count. Benfica's is a tragic end to the season, but not a title collapses, drawing one game and then losing against your main rival on the last day (and then losing one of more cup finals) just isn't a collapse All the others probably count as outsider teams that bottled it on the final day. I'm sure they're painful, probably more so, but they're not title collapses!!!
назгул 22 שעות לפני
this shows that they do not understand the football culture
Chama Kapumpa
Chama Kapumpa יום לפני
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh יום לפני
Despite being shit this entire decade ac milan still feel the biggest team in italy. Absolute monster of a club especially in europe. Ucl without ac milan is just bland
Big Mike69
Big Mike69 יום לפני
Neymwar hehe
Ratnesh Yadav
Ratnesh Yadav יום לפני
Man city should sign him
David Lim
David Lim יום לפני
Good video mate. By the way, Stade Rennais is pronounced Her-renes, no Renn-nyes.
Casual Focus
Casual Focus יום לפני
💙💛 mot
Jimmy Hulang
Jimmy Hulang יום לפני
All I can hear from your analysis is Chelsea won not because they were good but because Real Madrid were bad and old and blah blah bla… stupid
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez יום לפני
Kessle penalty saved by donnaruma? That's very incorrect brothaman it was saved by tek no gigio
Mierez Saturday
Mierez Saturday יום לפני
Grab up Tammy Abraham Respectfully
LoyalCorinthiaN יום לפני
Corinthians has two world clubs.
LoyalCorinthiaN יום לפני
Palmeiras doesn't have a Club World Cup.
LoyalCorinthiaN יום לפני
9:20 That information is wrong! Palmeiras won just one game, in the other Corinthians won and became champion.
LoyalCorinthiaN יום לפני
For those who were interested in knowing which of the two clubs is bigger, Corinthians has 2 FIFA Club World Cups and Palmeiras has none ... GO CORINTHIANS ⚫⚪
Zaeid Anis
Zaeid Anis יום לפני
Better than PSG's when you end your exams in the same week
Ivari יום לפני
Só portistas a aziarem nos comentários
Ivari יום לפני
@João Tiago Ferreira Nem venho aziar como vocês tripeiros que só sabem meter da nossa vida e chorar na iternet
Ivari יום לפני
@João Tiago Ferreira Aziar não amigo
João Tiago Ferreira
João Tiago Ferreira יום לפני
E vens para os comentários 😂😂
Ivari יום לפני
Fds que maldição de bosta
Ricky Brett
Ricky Brett יום לפני
Barcelona..we're in debt to the eyeballs, what can we do...oh let's create a super League and feed them bs about how good it will be for the whole of football . Except anyone of us with a brain could see right through it. I hope them along with Real Madrid and Juventus go bankrupt, get champion league bans at the very fuckin least. it was purely self interest and nothing else
Xeiro יום לפני
When Portugal surpasses France, will you keep doing the top 5?
JeanLuc DeCastro
JeanLuc DeCastro יום לפני
He's a Benfica fan, they may get the longest coverage 😂
Hancok יום לפני
Adrian, the fact that you refused to mention any of the incorrect VAR calls by the referee in the Real Madrid-Sevilla game leads me to believe that you didn't actually watch it... Their free kick which led to the goal came from a dive by a Sevilla player, their handball in the box was not flagged by VAR to the ref to view it as a penalty incident, but when we get a penalty and a red card for Bono it is immediately called back incorrectly for an accidental handball ricochet that should never be given as a penalty... and the ref whistled for a Sevilla penalty instead of a Real Madrid penalty. We were well and truly robbed, and not for the first time this season, it happens every goddamn season. It's not just Real Madrid... every team is robbed by these incompetent refs and incompetent VAR officials, they get easy decisions wrong and honestly no one knows what constitutes a handball anymore.
Hancok 9 שעות לפני
@Rabona TV I'm aware that VAR can't be used to overturn a foul that was awarded... but surely it can be used to overturn a goal that was awarded from a foul that wasn't even a foul? Honestly I'm not entirely sure how the process works, and they don't seem to have any interest in explaining it thoroughly either. I'm just limited to seeing my team and other teams being robbed constantly because of incompetency at multiple levels. Also, I understand that you didn't really have the time to go deeply into every VAR decision from the weekend but a simple mention of the fact that the penalty they were awarded was debatable at best would've been sufficient.
Rabona TV
Rabona TV יום לפני
I did actually, let me elaborate a bit. Dive for the free kick? Sure, but unfortunately you can only rely on the referee there as VAR won't look at free kicks. It is what it is and it's unfortunate you conceded from it. The hand ball by Militão? There was a similar incident a few weeks ago that I spoke about at length, where a player headed the ball onto his own arm. Unfortunately the hand ball rule isn't always clear in the VAR age because it's still being tweaked. There is the rule that says a surprise deflection off of a body part negates the hand ball infraction, but I think it gets tricky when Militão is deliberately attempting heading the ball (and failing) and it goes off of his shoulder and the arm. Perhaps the deliberate movement from him caused the referee to deem it a penalty. Tough one to swallow for sure. And again - unfortunately with VAR if something happened earlier on in the phase of play, it negates everything that follows (Bono and the penalty). Unfortunately I can't go through every single VAR decision in the weekend recap as that would make for an insanely long video. Maybe I should start a separate series where I just examine VAR calls?😄 But, I try to rotate weekly which leagues/teams/etc. I cover in more depth.
EMR יום לפני
Ter Stegen knew Suarez’s antics too well, he was having none of it 😜
Messmusician 3 שעות לפני
But he would have gladly accepted it if it was for them haha
GTAVictor9128 14 שעות לפני
It was actually Pique who uttered something along the lines of: "Don't try this on us fatty!"
S יום לפני
To me, this game day in La Liga left both Madrid teams in the race based on points, but considering Real haven’t won in forever, Atletico have this.
LeNino-87 יום לפני
Kessie missed the penalty against Szczesny not Donnaruma
LJ Gamers
LJ Gamers יום לפני
Madrid was absolutely robbed, against Atlético and against Betis i think, the exact same handball happened, but it would be a penalty for madrid, guess what ? Var had their eyes on their asses, and dint give It, and that cost us 4 points cause we would Win those 2 matches with the penaltys, then when its against Madrid, in a situation where militao couldnt even see The ball and It hit his shoulder before, The refs give It and It cost us points again. Ffs, referees doing everything they can to hurt Madrid. People who say vardrid are a joke, i only wished that the refs where Fair, imagine robbing for us.
RenaissanceSpam יום לפני
I don't think it's so much Mbappe is more important than Neymar, but Mbappe's skillset makes it harder to defend against him so when he's on his own he's still able to be effective. For Neymar it's much easier to box him in and negate his production (look at how City just locked 3 men on him all game during the second leg).
TheGamingIndy - Siege and more
TheGamingIndy - Siege and more יום לפני
Are we not gonna talk about how Barca are third in the table in the picture, but they’re tied with real on points and have a higher GD Edit: I believe it’s Bc of head or head record. I’m an airhead
Martin N.
Martin N. יום לפני
Man...I'm gonna miss these weekly recaps in the summer!
Bruhhh 1626
Bruhhh 1626 יום לפני
Is it just me but does mings always get spun or beat easily wouldn’t take him to the euros tbh
RasenRendan יום לפני
My daily dose of Monday goodness
Abhishek Pattanayak
Abhishek Pattanayak יום לפני
5:48 Papu Goméz 👀👀
Joseph Kujur
Joseph Kujur יום לפני
I don't know why you hate us Parisians so much Adrian??
Sahil Kale
Sahil Kale יום לפני
u sick
Ankan Gupt
Ankan Gupt יום לפני
The Refereeing these days are shambolic.
Grant Welsh
Grant Welsh יום לפני
Alonso took a better panenka than Aguero :'(
Mr. Albert
Mr. Albert יום לפני
Suggestion (Third time's the charm): Bayern's Jewish past and how it survived the Nazi era.
Kerim יום לפני
Carrasco took Mingueza to school
Edmund Graham
Edmund Graham יום לפני
Cavani has signed a contract extension, which can only do someone like Greenwood good to learn from such an experienced player
Paul Cribbon
Paul Cribbon יום לפני
What is the story with PSG. Star studded squad but together they seem weak. Is it the lack of week in/week out competition or are any of those players playing for the badge and pride or do they all go there just for the wages? Definitely a topic I'd like to see from Rabona TV. Great work again man.
Memes n' Memes
Memes n' Memes יום לפני
15:04 nice asmr feels
Ninski יום לפני
How are Real Madrid above Barcelona in the table? Shouldn’t Barca be in second due do goal difference?
Neyodan 34
Neyodan 34 יום לפני
Head to head record
Brian Hinojosa
Brian Hinojosa יום לפני
5:43 uhhhm Papu Gomez is no longer in Atalanta
「Plai Sukhum」
「Plai Sukhum」 יום לפני
From this video, it is clear to see that the boycott is going to do it's job, maybe not this year, maybe not next year but eventually, surely, it'll get them out #glazersout
BlowfishGun יום לפני
Go Blues!
Coprolalic Character
Coprolalic Character יום לפני
Just imagine being a brest fan .....arent we all
JustEge יום לפני
Mane and salah is too selfish.And when the goal arrives half of the team is not happy.Some ego problems...
Mars B
Mars B יום לפני
no watch alongs ;(
Federico Montieri
Federico Montieri יום לפני
In Italy the whole nation wakes up happy if the day before: - The national team won - Ju*entus lost Congratz Rossoneri brothers from a Nerazzurro :D
ferd יום לפני
@Ramit Chatterjee plus Juventus is in way similar to Bayern Munich meaning that they won the Seria A championship 9 times in a row, too much winning.
Ramit Chatterjee
Ramit Chatterjee יום לפני
@Olaf Haroldsonn II oh yeah, i get it, the match fixing fiasco, right ? they are relegated. How many people were involved in that? Was it club officials ?
Olaf Haroldsonn II
Olaf Haroldsonn II יום לפני
@Ramit Chatterjee they cheated Italian football for a decade
Ramit Chatterjee
Ramit Chatterjee יום לפני
Sorry to say, but why italy hate juve so much. Is it like beyarn munchen in bundeshliga ?
dh cs
dh cs יום לפני
Aguero DID NOT setup Sterling. He had a poor touch take it into Sterling's path, who then (rightly) took it off Aguero's toes into the goal. Aguero should have, and would have preferred to, score himself.
Ricardo Josue
Ricardo Josue יום לפני
4:34 didn’t know donnaruma played for Juventus Adrian 😒😂😂 (the recent news made it hurt more as a Milan fan lol)
Paul Cribbon
Paul Cribbon יום לפני
Another fantastic video.
saad sq
saad sq יום לפני
goal counted for hazard
Enis Gjini
Enis Gjini יום לפני
4:32 Hey Adrian, no transfer spoilers!
Messmusician יום לפני
Man Mourinho needs to think of a good excuse not to play Mkhitaryan now.
Messmusician 16 שעות לפני
@FT 10 goals 10 assists in 27 appearances 3 man of the match performances as a midfielder idk about you but I think Roma ain't gonna let their second best player go and will surely offer him a new contract considering they had an abismal season by their own standards.
FT יום לפני
He has good excuse. Mkhitaryan's contract ended ;)
Messmusician יום לפני
@Neyodan 34 lmao sad thing is he's so petty I can believe that it's something he would say
Neyodan 34
Neyodan 34 יום לפני
He forgot his boots
B W יום לפני
With Dortmund vs Leipzig the Cup final, 6th place in the Bundesliga will be an Europa League spot. So Mönchengladbach lacks only 5 points with 2 games to play. Unlikely but not impossible yet
webhead 223
webhead 223 יום לפני
When real should get a penal no one says shit but when it happens against they're VARdrid
Urius Tosh
Urius Tosh יום לפני
Really gleeful about Juve finishing 5th, which they will, and which I have been repeating over and over for a month to endless downvotes by the circlejerk artists at r/soccer. Yes. I will rub this in every Juve "fans" face, repeatedly and vociferously.
jaak külma
jaak külma יום לפני
Great vid! just commenting for algorithm
Eliandro יום לפני
I'm sure people already asked/told you but a podcast would be fire from you! Football and just your personal hobby's/interests would be so cool in my opinion 🤔✌🏽
Ruairi O'Donnell
Ruairi O'Donnell יום לפני
I don’t think he wants to do one, brought it up a few times and it sounded like he wasn’t a big fan
AD744 יום לפני
The goal was given to Eden Hazard.
Neyodan 34
Neyodan 34 יום לפני
Not in game only by Google
Leif Järvinen
Leif Järvinen יום לפני
I think Juve is playing great for a team that virtually has no midfield. :,(
Olaf Haroldsonn II
Olaf Haroldsonn II יום לפני
Hell no
Neyodan 34
Neyodan 34 יום לפני
Good joke
Kian Bozorgmir
Kian Bozorgmir יום לפני
Love your videos
Jakub Matějů
Jakub Matějů יום לפני
8:04 I didn´t have such a good laugh for a long time after that penalty,what was he thinking ???
Jakub Matějů
Jakub Matějů יום לפני
Btw happy to see Cavani doing well
Aomine Daiki
Aomine Daiki יום לפני
No mention of Sampdoria’s Guard of Honor for Inter?