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2 Year Old Makes Lunch #shorts
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2 Year Old Having Fun #shorts
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2 Year Old Makes Lasagna #shorts
ALDI Finds Are Epic RIGHT NOW!
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Costco Shopping!
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2 Year Old Makes Dinner #shorts
Bunny Got A Boo Boo #shorts
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2 Year Old Makes Pancakes #shorts
2 Year Old Makes Ice Cream #shorts
Healthy Snacks To Eat On The Go!
2 Year Old Makes Lunch #shorts
Shopping At Costco
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2 Year Old Makes A Snack #shorts
2 Year Old Plays Games #shorts
2 Year Old Does Chores #shorts
New At ALDI - Shop With Me!
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sadat mahboob
sadat mahboob 29 שניות לפני
Luv u sweet heart do cute
Elizabeth Santos mundo
Elizabeth Santos mundo 3 דקות לפני
Cornelia White
Cornelia White 6 דקות לפני
Very smart
alicia serrano
alicia serrano 8 דקות לפני
Awww cute❤️❤️❤️
Makesha Hankins
Makesha Hankins 9 דקות לפני
I'm glad i found this. She trips me out when she cracks 🥚 and when she chops
Manasa P
Manasa P 10 דקות לפני
We also same old boy baby
Bavarians Only
Bavarians Only 11 דקות לפני
Wanda Banks
Wanda Banks 12 דקות לפני
I swear this thing richt heer sooo sweet
Hello Natasha There Johnson
Hello Natasha There Johnson 13 דקות לפני
❤️ It
Gregory Winchester
Gregory Winchester 13 דקות לפני
This is a true Dad! I love the bonding between them. She is going to be a great cook
Mercedes Pinell
Mercedes Pinell 15 דקות לפני
What about sugar date ? Please let me know they have it in wallmart it comes in liquid and sugar (dates) thank you
Anne Bercy
Anne Bercy 15 דקות לפני
We must be like children to enter the kindom of God🙏🏽💕🦋
Aishath Naxy
Aishath Naxy 15 דקות לפני
batu bata pres 86
batu bata pres 86 17 דקות לפני
Haaii. Good...lux
Eva Wangui Opee
Eva Wangui Opee 18 דקות לפני
Wow...Rose...from Kenya wow...you are brilliant
Alyssa 18 דקות לפני
I love her Oh No so much
Martin Vasilev
Martin Vasilev 19 דקות לפני
Prathima Chinthoju
Prathima Chinthoju 22 דקות לפני
Zappora Camper
Zappora Camper 22 דקות לפני
At this point she needs an allowance.
Ref Ra
Ref Ra 22 דקות לפני
tanti lestari
tanti lestari 25 דקות לפני
Little girl very smart and cute... I love you😍😍😘
Jessica Carrión
Jessica Carrión 25 דקות לפני
poshpearls23 25 דקות לפני
This is the kind of hands on parenting I live for. 😍
Alyssa 26 דקות לפני
That lil smock or whatever its called she got on is so cute! And she knows what she wants too lol. She didn't want them strawberries
dangerouseyes 26 דקות לפני
Haven't been in a Macdo for over 6 years, don't miss it .. I actually fill bad for people who eat this daily, RIP
Hemnie Olivares
Hemnie Olivares 26 דקות לפני
Tapo Muduli
Tapo Muduli 27 דקות לפני
Alyssa 29 דקות לפני
Her Oh No is just so adorable I cant stand it!! Shes the happiest lil shopper I ever seen. And her bom she says while she's chopping the fruit. Omg I love her!!
Manasa P
Manasa P 30 דקות לפני
Wow amazing love u we are from india my 2 years baby is fan of u
Chanda Profic
Chanda Profic 31 דקה לפני
She is the cutest!! 💕
Mfundo Prince Mdlalose
Mfundo Prince Mdlalose 33 דקות לפני
You guys are doing so well with her, I really need pointers... Also LOVE the interior could I see all of it???
life 36 דקות לפני
She is sooo cute love her ❤️
Roger G
Roger G 39 דקות לפני
Why don't you show us the ones that are fake so we can avoid them?
Madina Sy
Madina Sy 41 דקה לפני
Elle est mignonne
Salem Holleween
Salem Holleween 42 דקות לפני
The number one cook in the country 😒
Brenda Farris
Brenda Farris 42 דקות לפני
Always always always helpful ideas!! send more!!
Natalie Luli Weiss
Natalie Luli Weiss 42 דקות לפני
Hey hey! Recently saw an article about Aloe Vera Juice - Many FAKE ones out there. Any recommendations for a good and real aloe vera juice [healthy version - no sugars and other stuff added]. THANKS!
Mirtha Passols
Mirtha Passols 43 דקות לפני
Hola dsde Argentina!!!...esa bb es un amor!!...hace todo!...me impresiona el q use cuchillo siendo tan pequeña...en los juguetes infantiles de cocina los hay..y cortan...prefiero verla con una de juguete!!...thanks!!❤😘😁😁
Bev H
Bev H 46 דקות לפני
She's hired. When can she start?
Notsure R
Notsure R 47 דקות לפני
I'm from worcester Massachusetts, I'm down about 45 pounds since august 10th start. 10, 17,21 now. Keto, & clean, fast here n there for skin retention, & faster weight loss, 30 to 40 more to go. Stick w it sardines 1$ at dollar tree.
Hello tutorial
Hello tutorial 47 דקות לפני
Nolita Alansalon
Nolita Alansalon 50 דקות לפני
I love this beautiful and amazing toddler little girl who can prepare the food Amazing
Sharon S
Sharon S 51 דקה לפני
She is a little angel indeed. She could charm the birds out of the trees with her personality! Sweet little Rose.
Kiiwi 52 דקות לפני
Im sure they are but are the knives she is using kid friendly?
Premanagesh Prema
Premanagesh Prema 53 דקות לפני
Nice super
William Iannucci
William Iannucci 55 דקות לפני
Devadas S
Devadas S 56 דקות לפני
Danchi nav papa
Droopy 56 דקות לפני
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez שעה לפני
Gina Del mundo
Gina Del mundo שעה לפני
Gina Del mundo
Gina Del mundo שעה לפני
Godv ud😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠🤐😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Richrico Granada
Richrico Granada שעה לפני
You sound a sweet and decent man but agreeing in slaughter these beautiful creatures and eat them make you lose my respect.
Nazratun Nayar
Nazratun Nayar שעה לפני
She is so cute 🥰🥰🥰
Richrico Granada
Richrico Granada שעה לפני
I stopped buying eggs from Costco because it doesn’t sell FREE RANGE PASTURE RAISED ORGANIC EGGS. I buy them in the other supermarket.
J dubs
J dubs שעה לפני
I’m Chinese and we eat white rice 3 times a day, 7 days a week and we are fine. Just avoid fastfoods, sugary drinks and snacks.
CrispyBacon שעה לפני
You guys are such good parents! And Rosie is the most adorable little girl! I’m 11 and she already does stuff that I can’t or don’t feel like doing 😂
Rawia Ali
Rawia Ali שעה לפני
Leslie Wicks
Leslie Wicks שעה לפני
Rose is a woman trapped in a baby's body. Fantastic parenting 💖
Zahda Maya
Zahda Maya שעה לפני
Smart girl
Zahda Maya
Zahda Maya שעה לפני
Cute baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
Sadia Wani
Sadia Wani שעה לפני
Proudly appreciate her parents
חנה טובול
חנה טובול שעה לפני
Perfert perents.....
Millie xX X
Millie xX X שעה לפני
Sooo sweet , she's giving me Matilda vibes beautiful independent little girl! God bless and keep her xx
Sylviana Shynret
Sylviana Shynret 37 דקות לפני
Hi how are you
f17Qg שעה לפני
Bobby was glucose monitor are you using?
Dali Gomelauri
Dali Gomelauri שעה לפני
Bravo my angel,♥️🌹
Amanda Pope
Amanda Pope שעה לפני
I’ll be impressed if she starts grilling carne asada
angela sheppard
angela sheppard שעה לפני
She approves the taste test😊
Roger Snowden
Roger Snowden שעה לפני
How do we know this video is telling us the truth?
Verena Betelli
Verena Betelli שעה לפני
Grandma you are so sweet❤😊🌹
Jennifer May
Jennifer May שעה לפני
Excellent. Thank you!
Meli שעה לפני
S.M. Asaduzzaman
S.M. Asaduzzaman שעה לפני
Awwww ....so cute ....😍🍬🍭🍩🍡🍡🍰🍘🥦🍅
Yasser letifi
Yasser letifi שעה לפני
Yasser letifi
Yasser letifi שעה לפני
Cindy BADGER שעה לפני
Rose reminds me of my now 14 year old who now can cook any recipe! It's important to have those skills and your time & help in the kitchen! You are AMAZING parents! Keep up the great job!!