Galaxy A52 5G: 4K video footage test
You don’t Get the show
You don’t Get the show 22 שעות לפני
NASA went to The moon In the 60s and somehow this is impressive In 2021? I think not
You don’t Get the show
You don’t Get the show 22 שעות לפני
What a waste of money
Furret Furret
Furret Furret 23 שעות לפני
Nitin Dr
Nitin Dr 23 שעות לפני
how much it will be in INR?
李明初 23 שעות לפני
The design is so beautiful
Wiz Cantinflas
Wiz Cantinflas 23 שעות לפני
I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max…. Love it but… WHY DO I WANT THIS TCL SO BAD!!!😭🥺 ok ok…. Whats better the iPhone 12 Pro Max Or TCL 20 Pro 5G? Pros and cons let me know I want the best Call Of Duty Mobile Experience! Plz and thx let me know
BamJambang 23 שעות לפני
No GMS is a huge deal breaker for me but having used a huawei device before (Nova series), I have to say their phone is top notch. Silky smooth and no lag at all during my two years of using it. If you are somebody who can live without GMS, doesn't really care about 5G and is searching for a new phone, go for it.
World Aquarium Singapore
World Aquarium Singapore יום לפני
this is like street fighter game? just that its plane?
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis יום לפני
But over 50 years ago we watched on our little rabbit tvs a moonwalk 🤣🤣...these deep fakers have to keep up this charade...maybe more lockdowns
Angela Gray
Angela Gray יום לפני
I knew there are allians on earth , just look at Mark. He's another one that should be jailed
David Park
David Park יום לפני
Is this better than galaxy note20 8k? any limitation?
alfred fanshaw
alfred fanshaw יום לפני
Touching his forelock - "Oh God bless you sir".
Must יום לפני
Great live, if you are searching for high-tech video I invite you on our channel
AyKa7 יום לפני
Do they think we're dumb? 0:29
Tanja Pummelfeechen
Tanja Pummelfeechen יום לפני
Ohhh .. i Love it. I hope i can buy a little Cat and WE give her a good Home. And sorry, my Englisch ist very Bad.
Shivang Soni
Shivang Soni יום לפני
Why they haven't uploaded whole 11min journey video from inside view? 🤔
Zeeshan Rana
Zeeshan Rana יום לפני
Love you Huwei is best Device in the world.
Cristina D
Cristina D יום לפני
We must not let the technology to destroy the life on Earth.
Nikolla Tesla
Nikolla Tesla יום לפני
Allan shepherd never got to do anything like that!
Craig Winter
Craig Winter יום לפני
I'm curious to know what percentage of Americans actually believe that these Big Tech oligarchs do not have a nefarious agenda that is targeted to be favorable to democrat politicians while actively suppressing items favorable to their republican counterparts!
c wasan
c wasan יום לפני
Love it.
Subhajit Karmakar
Subhajit Karmakar יום לפני
Am I too soon?
Mlv Prasad
Mlv Prasad יום לפני
Maybe brother
Marcus Hoehmann
Marcus Hoehmann יום לפני
Everyone gets so excited. Well this truck weights 6500 lbs . All EVs weight more than combustion engines . What's going to happen is there's a lot more wear and tear on roads. We will be spending more time on the road due to more road construction.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi יום לפני
It looks good, but pretty much all the apple services are unavailable in my country since I am from a third world country. Google is our only option. And I am not gonna lie, I prefer Android over IOS, Google over Apple and Pixel over iPhone.
laura simpson
laura simpson יום לפני
Nigel Ian Hinkson
Nigel Ian Hinkson יום לפני
Fake space
metatronSG יום לפני
looks like demolition
*Fidgetz* יום לפני
Imagine when our kids have iPhone 37 and ios 35.
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia יום לפני
Why were they so thrilled about scrolling lol 💀
Michael Holly
Michael Holly יום לפני
I wanna tear into Susan Wojcicki for putting too many ads on ILfor videos!
Mr. Osmosis
Mr. Osmosis יום לפני
Ok but can it run doom
Francois Stemmet
Francois Stemmet יום לפני
No Google Play Support - Not interested.
Tomasz Górski
Tomasz Górski יום לפני
The Lookan Channel
The Lookan Channel יום לפני
iOS is cleaner and is why it takes longer to develop. The privacy on apple’s platform is also hard to get data from. BUT google’s AI is OP
Dick Hertz
Dick Hertz יום לפני
So Apple included KVM switch capability into their devices and that’s supposed to be innovative? This dude seems excited about it like they made some great contributions to the advancement of technology.
John Rogan
John Rogan יום לפני
Lol...wires visible...Wally Funk...too stupid by far!...skittles...our brainwashed people...sad
Apple יום לפני
4:34 anyone else see Spider-Man walking out of that door?
EQOAnostalgia יום לפני
Yeah this WOULD be cool if our leaders weren't absolute psychopath satanists... hey you remember those books/movies about communism and fascism and how horrible it was? Well... go back and literally give Hitler the ability to track and trace everything... not just you and me... i mean everything. HARD PASS!
Halo Movie Music
Halo Movie Music יום לפני
They Yell at Us about Global Warming when they are the one's WHO are actually commiting the Majority of Carbon admissions that only achieves Joy rides to Space while we endure Suffer of the Majority of Hate from it and Majority of Blame while Democratic Leftist Enjoy Polluting and Dictating.
voir יום לפני
airplane mode on another level
Klaus World
Klaus World יום לפני
If you're optimistic about AI and the future of technology. Ask yourself why they needed to use a bioweapon to control you.
EQOAnostalgia יום לפני
They are satanic. Many are waking up to the fact that things aren't right, but few seem to grasp this is a spiritual war. We are born into this battle, and the enemy is very good at convincing us "there is no battle" or if there is a battle "it's against those people over there! they're not like you, you should hate them, kill them!" Why do we all have no faith in our leadership world wide all at once? Why is there a man made virus destroying our economy? Why do they destroy us with weather while at best people blame US, and at worst GOD? Are they setting up the anti-Christ' reign by destroying confidence in the old? So they can rebuild their new satanic order? Me thinks so! I hope people understand this is not God... God does not do this with his people in the way and he never has. He IS however going to show these clowns what REAL weather manipulation looks like, and what REAL plagues look like when he finally removes his people, and DOES pour out his wrath on this world. The Bible tells us they will scatter to hide themselves in the rocks... sounds like all the underground bunkers we've heard about for 15 years or more being built... WHOOPS, that's not going to help lol. But this... everything going on today... it's of the devil. It IS waking some people up and bringing them to Christ. But not nearly enough, and not nearly fast enough.
Mary Morningstar
Mary Morningstar יום לפני
I just have to wonder why you have a mask on?
Aurora Peace
Aurora Peace יום לפני
Do they ever speak about turbulence in a space ship?
Aurora Peace
Aurora Peace יום לפני
Whomever sits inside capsule, looks like they are cooked or dying or mannequin. :(
Anthony S
Anthony S יום לפני
I like the homage to mother nature.
Anthony S
Anthony S יום לפני
@EQOAnostalgia If we don't take care of the Earth and nature, Earth and nature is not going to take care of us. God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit would want us to take care of the Earth and nature. I trust in personal responsibility.
EQOAnostalgia יום לפני
There is no mother nature. There is God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Don't trust in man, or the "science" we claim today.
tipico809 יום לפני
I'm buying this
Asadi bahtera persada
Asadi bahtera persada יום לפני
This is not google business but there are to many third parties which have a lot benefits by copying the content and multiply their business. The government should be there to back up them by policies and big data analysis
Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong יום לפני
seen more real episodes of pokemon..and what a surprise no spectators allowed
Fluxcore5 יום לפני
None of them really took the human moment to gaze upon the earth and see it in all its glory... I wouldn’t have left that window.
D.A.T L.L.C יום לפני
How was Facebook able to get access to my bank info?
D.A.T L.L.C יום לפני
Facebook illegal debit my account
Richard Striebich
Richard Striebich יום לפני
Funny boy
john lynn
john lynn יום לפני
I fear for humanity if these people are in charge!
andreaspirklbauer יום לפני
There is a Forbes article entitled "How Joby Cracked The Power Problem To Make Electric Air Taxis Work". Google is your friend. The estimate in the article was that you needed to come in at an airframe weight of 1600 lbs (725 kg), weight of passengers of 1000 lbs (450 kg) and a weight of batteries of 2200 lbs (1000 kg) to hit a total gross weight of 4800 lb (2'200 kg). If you get rid of the passengers, then you can fly with just the airframe 1600 lbs (725) and the battery 2200 lbs (1000 kg), i.e. a total of 3800 lbs (1723 kg). This raises the question whether they aren’t just flying a huge battery around and not much else. And also, how large is this aircraft? Do they have a picture with a human standing next to it? Look, for example, at the size of the traffic cone that's sitting next to the aircraft at the very beginning of the video. How could 5 or 6 people possibly fit in this aircraft?
pro-self-offense יום לפני
Rather get a selfie floating around then look down at our amazing rae beautiful world....
Eric Rock
Eric Rock יום לפני
Mr sucker-burger is giving fantastic jibberish answers for questions that were never asked.
Adam Leen
Adam Leen יום לפני
I swear if I get 360 no scoped by a monkey in the future....
Pikachu YouTuber
Pikachu YouTuber יום לפני
Close enough to a flying car
Nick יום לפני
iOS 13 was the worst I had to buy a new iPhone after it killed my iPhone 6s plus
Kaiser Karl Van Kaiserwetter
Kaiser Karl Van Kaiserwetter יום לפני
i am wodan u are not godly
Ali Ismail
Ali Ismail יום לפני
Whoever the pilot is he is one of the greatest because that's the smoothest landing i've ever seen.
maki b
maki b יום לפני
The ugliest phone ever! Ever
Vincent Aziati
Vincent Aziati יום לפני
If apple had done this. Yall will say its has such a revolutionary beauty
bogey19018 יום לפני
Seems to be a lot of photoshopping going on. What dont they want you to see, a failed civilization?
Shaan Paul
Shaan Paul יום לפני
Some people want to start running from day 1.
john rizz
john rizz יום לפני
Load the SPCE space ship up now before it rockets again !!! My best investment ever .Good news is imminent and just around the corner. Next august test flight and finalization of 500 share offering speaks volume and portends huge things coming soon so now is a great entry point before the crowd gets in.
Ravi s
Ravi s יום לפני
Elon Musk 😭
Steven Curtis
Steven Curtis יום לפני
Totally fake
Any Key
Any Key יום לפני
Так это же пепелац!
cooldude38 2 ימים לפני
Im so disappointed in microsoft, how can you straight up steal interface. There were so much cool ideas, but no.
Ed Nice
Ed Nice 2 ימים לפני
Yes there is life it is what we do to planets. We did that to mars not aliens we are the DAMN ALIENS...smh..explain from a small sperm to a full grown human can't get more aliens then that...
Arduino Türk Batu
Arduino Türk Batu 2 ימים לפני
0:26 hmmm. you are still in the same place.
Martins Danisevics
Martins Danisevics 2 ימים לפני
Elon plz make phone next
Martins Danisevics
Martins Danisevics 2 ימים לפני
thats what happens when genius makes cars
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain 2 ימים לפני
I love huawei
Q Q 2 ימים לפני
1:10 WTF ! make 0.5 speed See the background !
anggara upadana
anggara upadana 2 ימים לפני
i don't see star!!!!
Jeremy Watts
Jeremy Watts 2 ימים לפני
If these people related to or cared for people this would not have taken place. He steals YOUR intellectual property and uses YOUR inequity to do what he just did. There are clinical terms for this.
chiku man
chiku man 2 ימים לפני
this is horrible special effects and editing guys, up your game 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
y2k mady
y2k mady 2 ימים לפני
camera is like my pant button :)