SPENCER Official Trailer (2021)
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Nicole Richie's Hair Catches on FIRE!
Hannah Caridi
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Angel Drake
Angel Drake 2 דקות לפני
That is not the real Madonna!!!🧐🤔🙄
unite, not fight
unite, not fight 2 דקות לפני
Not Rhianna
Agya Bir Gurung
Agya Bir Gurung 4 דקות לפני
Hailey is just showing that she is poor for more fan n subscribe. Ufff. Showing Selena Gomez's bad ufff what type of woman r u Hailey stop it now. Selena Gomez has moved on
John Coleman
John Coleman 5 דקות לפני
Great act
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon 5 דקות לפני
This Surgeon is living proof that you fix stupid…Or at least unglue it.
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch 5 דקות לפני
It looks great my only issue is I still see kristen as kristen I can't buy her acting I don't know why it feels forced
ShesThe1yup 6 דקות לפני
I am so freakin happy she is still acting <3 I adore Angelina <3
Natalie Fish
Natalie Fish 6 דקות לפני
I hardly recognized her
Mr Backer
Mr Backer 7 דקות לפני
Beautiful lady
William Ogilvie
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come on they could have at least done 10 Seasons!! lol Its been so long since a show has me hooked like this I miss it sooooo much BRING BACK THE CREEK a mean Shitt already one year without them is too long lol
J Lai
J Lai 8 דקות לפני
I don't know man it seems kinda gay to me
Early sy
Early sy 9 דקות לפני
This is the best collaboration Coldplay n BTS 🥰💜👏
Duval Bazil Murro
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Kirsten Stewart’s being a Diana Spencer should deserve an Oscar nod for Best Actress!!!
Kae Kae
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Yk what that's what she gets karma is a bitch , she shouldve known he was gonna do that to her I mean shoot look at what he did to his other babymomma he cheated on her with khloe while shes pregnant & he did the same to her , so karma did its work , that's what she gets
Rin Gado2 Belanda
Rin Gado2 Belanda 18 דקות לפני
Nothing is more beautiful than seeing Queens supporting each other!
rashed0uae9331 19 דקות לפני
She deserved it lol
Kaleb Chavez
Kaleb Chavez 20 דקות לפני
I don't think Stassi is racist... We ALL just say stupid sh*T when we are younger and Stassi has clearly grown up so much from before...
June Cooper
June Cooper 20 דקות לפני
Yes Bella's got Lyme's disease too,same as her mum and it must be awful though as Yolanda said,Bella's Lyme disease,it's not as bad as hers....yet
Luke Connolly
Luke Connolly 21 דקה לפני
Comfortable is rock. I'lld show up in rags and crocks. That is rock!
Nico X
Nico X 30 דקות לפני
He should’ve kept the long hair and gone for a stoner/skater boy aesthetic. The bowl cut doesn’t suit you, bro
Nether Freak Ultima
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Who's here after the film?
Daniel Muller
Daniel Muller 33 דקות לפני
I just don‘t like M! I do like her Music though
2021 vision
2021 vision 33 דקות לפני
What does the crown say??
JP VQ 37 דקות לפני
A Madonna movie!? OMG i cannot wait!
Lynda Mary Westover
Lynda Mary Westover 39 דקות לפני
Some people get left behind
Mrityunjay Kumar
Mrityunjay Kumar 41 דקה לפני
Kon kon 2021 me dekh rha hai 😋😂
Ketan Kaul
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Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin & Hufflepuff
NightOwL News&Videos.
NightOwL News&Videos. 44 דקות לפני
Sick bastard. Sunday school teacher. Acts like his life is perfect always praying. Volunteers to take the lil boys camping. Sits on the steeple and spins. Money hungry and greedy. Fits the profile.
Living for BTS!💛👶
Living for BTS!💛👶 44 דקות לפני
Is that Gigi in the thumbnail?
Milani Alcapone
Milani Alcapone 45 דקות לפני
Lola Leon omggg 🥵😍🥰
Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes 47 דקות לפני
so the judges just gave him the win and it was some b.s
Rebecca 47 דקות לפני
Kristen Stewart!! 💛💛
Brian Yerby
Brian Yerby 47 דקות לפני
Siri starting look like some one fine ass aunt
Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes 48 דקות לפני
tyrone clearly won
Ciriaco Jan Clarion
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Brian Eckels
Brian Eckels 51 דקה לפני
Thought she was with the chef guy? Guess not. But the cast is amazing. She’s amazing including her character . Love her!
CC 52 דקות לפני
I'm happy seeing the full video without the host... It's so annoying
Noor Zaimah
Noor Zaimah 53 דקות לפני
Love u Tokyo❤️❤️❤️❤️
cookiemonster 53 דקות לפני
I kinda don't like how affection and touchy or clingy he acts knowing that he is married already. I mean look at the way his co star acts, she feels uncomfortable towards him. I know jessica feels that way too
dani 53 דקות לפני
i dont care he’s sexy
Giulia Pareti
Giulia Pareti 53 דקות לפני
Vanessa chile..whew
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Ruby 55 דקות לפני
This was nothing like diana
Nomo 4u
Nomo 4u 55 דקות לפני
Head up dawg she’s always with u
Pinky Almeroth
Pinky Almeroth 56 דקות לפני
Omg how cool
Xavier Angelo Bustamante
Xavier Angelo Bustamante 56 דקות לפני
She's baked af! Hahaha
Jéan Geldenhuys
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The spirit of the antichrist is casting more more of his shadow..hold on to love of Jesus He will never leave you nor forsake you.Do the will of God and be not deceived.
ImJustHereToPissPeopleOff HaHa
ImJustHereToPissPeopleOff HaHa 57 דקות לפני
Oh God I thought it was over! Df
Dr Zainab
Dr Zainab 57 דקות לפני
3 more days until the NEXT SEASON!!!!!!
johnplays 58 דקות לפני
I still see him as a male even if he is gay
Aimee Valentine
Aimee Valentine 59 דקות לפני
This proves all the conspiracy theories about Avril being dead are bullshit! Good too see you again girl!
Harry Cotoner
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Kelly and Ari - YAAAAAAAS ❤️❤️❤️
Ray Marsh
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I wish that Madonna would work with some great dance composers and create some more songs. She seems to be going through a very bad period. The broken crown is a perfect metaphor and Madonna should have said that it was a statement, not admit that it was a flawed prop.
Hanne Cathmont
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Woke crap can't replace the original.
Naturinda Alvin
Naturinda Alvin שעה לפני
Chris is a pure army 💜♾️ BTS for life #Universe💜💜💜
Steven Davis
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she's dope
she's dope שעה לפני
Well.. i never thought she would further more look like late diana before this trailer
Natalie Gomez
Natalie Gomez שעה לפני
Wow. Just Wow!
Sherry Mitchell
Sherry Mitchell שעה לפני
I'm ready
Justina Chandler
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THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE HOTLOVE.UNO THREE IN ONE ILfor: THIS IS FINE. SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK''. ILfor: BE GONE Life's story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.
Sylvia Williamson
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Harriet, the crown and Kristen should let her Rest In Peace..
Natalie Bito
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Is he really pregnant 😕
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men שעה לפני
cool .....
The Greg
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"Stand very still and smile a lot" Kristen Stewart's biggest challenge yet
Sandra Smith
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kitty moon
kitty moon שעה לפני
is he trans ?
Abhishek Gupta
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Ocean's eleven, mr and mrs smith fight club and seven were the best
Marlisa Morgan
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Every person that interviews Carole Baskin really needs to tell her to go get a good conditioning treatment at the nearest salon......... ASAP!!!!!
AG. Edward
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The last line 🥺
Janette שעה לפני
Why is it that every white women in America uses plastic surgery. I mean, every celebrity that is white and a woman. Even young ones, botox and what not. Are they all so self hating, they even bigger their lips. Why do that? Can anyone explain what is going on. There are millions of people, why not elevate someone, who looks naturally beautiful, or certain way. It gives a very self loathing image of your white women, to the rest of the world. That white women there are naturally bad looking, aging like a milk,( even if it is not so, but that is the image, that it gives, if so many have to change themselves, bigger their lips, even butt, using botox allready in their forties, its bad)
AG. Edward
AG. Edward שעה לפני
The dance movement WAHHHH gosh Kristen
darknessmustpass שעה לפני
this trailer gave me goosebumps!
What you were thinking
What you were thinking שעה לפני
Totally awkward...he and Justin are friends
Gabrielle J
Gabrielle J שעה לפני
Angela was just feeln herself .. she wanted all the attention 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Junice Lunes
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Caspar Thomas
Caspar Thomas שעה לפני
Still a woman nothing will change the fact she’s a woman