Sensational Revenge Moments in Football #1

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Best revenge moments in football. Di Maria, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and more..

馃幎Unknown Brain - MATAFAKA (feat. Marvin Divine)


TKHD 2 砖谞讬诐 诇驻谞讬
v2 馃敟馃敟馃敟
Piero terrones Terrones torres
Piero terrones Terrones torres 20 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
@Pepehimovic ppppp
Shortistic 20 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Hey... Check us out..
陌simsizBro123 22 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Are you Turkish or not?
salim yade
salim yade 27 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
@Pepehimovic nnj
Umairah May
Umairah May 27 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
@Pepehimovic A.n
喈曕瘖喈熰瘉喈ㄠ瘝喈む喈苦喁 10 砖注讜转 诇驻谞讬
Ronaldo take off his shirt after messi celebration that is called revenge don't make ur own history
laz 61.5
laz 61.5 13 砖注讜转 诇驻谞讬
vidyonun yar谋s谋 ronaldo aq
pracxis sr
pracxis sr 18 砖注讜转 诇驻谞讬
Di Maria getting owned by ManUtd
Rubina Niaz
Rubina Niaz 21 砖注讛 诇驻谞讬
You didn鈥檛 did the full of ronaldo vs messi
Dobluth 讬讜诐 诇驻谞讬
Messi vs Ronaldo,Cavani vs Neymar ?? where is revenge and for what ??
Can bark谋n Ate艧
Can bark谋n Ate艧 讬讜诐 诇驻谞讬
Irismar Varges ferraz
Irismar Varges ferraz 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Toppp topp topp
Kikiki The
Kikiki The 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
霐旊毽晞毳 氤奠垬鞚 靾滉皠鞚措澕雼 鞝滌爼鞁犾澑臧 鞝 鞁濌赴臧 毵湢毳 霒犽倻 瓿检爼鞚 鞎岆┐ 鞚措敶 旮 氇混摳 韰愲嵃?
Jorge Ceja
Jorge Ceja 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
What do they speak?
T K 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
copililul Misa Peretu
copililul Misa Peretu 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
1:15 Rom芒n???? Like!!
NEYMAR JR _ MBAPPE 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ronaldo siiuu
Ronaldo siiuu 2 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Where does the Ronaldo jersey come from?
Dortmund   fan
Dortmund fan 3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
What happened after di Maria 馃槶
Barajan Radzinski
Barajan Radzinski 3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Zidane: Je艣li tak bardzo chcesz mojej koszuli, zrobi臋 to p贸藕niej. Materazzi: Wola艂bym jego siostr臋
Jass 3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Omar Alonso
Omar Alonso 3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Neymar the biggest cryer on the spanish leage history
ANUVIND K RAJ 3 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
If you take revenge moments in football definitely there will be ronaldo 馃敟馃敟
Maxx Viintage
Maxx Viintage 4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
0:47 Never disrespect kante, especially when he least deserves was a clean tackle too by kante...that rose deserved it...
Khalada Ahmed
Khalada Ahmed 4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The sudden manager unlikely cause because ellipse enzymatically rinse a a distinct node. learned, callous play
Fernando Blanco Coloma
Fernando Blanco Coloma 4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Di marias revenge back fired
Nash Fernandes
Nash Fernandes 4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Y u dint show Ronaldo revenge
AmrlNbl 02
AmrlNbl 02 4 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Di ma snake
Donna Erickson
Donna Erickson 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Pagado el arquero xd
Dhanix Sykes
Dhanix Sykes 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
8:18 Savage!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
t t
t t 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
1:44 銇撱倢銇銇с仚銇嬶紵
Keymaster 28
Keymaster 28 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
7:12 that's not a revenge bro Thats almost a murder
Pubg Tdm 2K's
Pubg Tdm 2K's 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
beat music 3:00
luah semua
luah semua 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
footbal is shit.. talk shit is nothing while act shit is shit
Tommy Lang
Tommy Lang 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The fancy sphynx disappointedly smash because weather gratifyingly dream apud a known column. delightful, hungry stew
vinayak vishnoi
vinayak vishnoi 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
4:40 classsic revenge
Slamet Alifauzi
Slamet Alifauzi 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
where did you get the video, for content
Mlo H Nga
Mlo H Nga 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
M茫i y锚u anh 7鉂わ笍 v脿 c农ng th铆ch Messi Neymar
Rhoda Byrd
Rhoda Byrd 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The pricey swiss ectrodactyly tick because mimosa unsurprisingly jump round a oceanic reading. knowing, innate beard
SmugWisconsin4 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
2:49 World-class revenge moment
SmugWisconsin4 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
9:06 Neymar never lets his legacy down even after being put down
Kovacs 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Neymar always get fouled cause he likes to dive non stop and overreact.
rendi nadirman
rendi nadirman 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Min lu pendukung Barca yg BODOH yah? Itu Messi duluan yg celebrasi nunjukkin jersey, Leg 2 nya Madrid menang di Cam Now dibales ama Ronaldo saat mencetak gol, pamerin jersey jga... SEGITUNYA BIKIN CERITA FITNAH... SAYA JUVENTINI TAPI SAYA PROTES PERBUATAN BUSUK LU DALAM MERUBAH CERITA YANG SEBENARNYA... AKUN CHANNEL ASUU
Philipc 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Too bias ...u dnt put ronaldo revenge...uff
Harshita Chandel
Harshita Chandel 7 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Messi vs Ronaldo 馃挭
M3STR3 79%
M3STR3 79% 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
7:11 t谩 disgra莽a
Lucas IiIiIiI
Lucas IiIiIiI 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
M眉ller hart assozial, h盲tte ihn zu Boden gewichst
Fanis Patsouras
Fanis Patsouras 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
the most of them are not "revenge"
Tahardin Najoui
Tahardin Najoui 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ja frost
Ja frost 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
some of these weren't even revenge, it was just an asshole being an asshole and getting away with it
SN 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Even after all that everyone still remembers Di Maria crying after the second leg馃槀馃槀馃槀
FamousCryp 5 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Di Maria >>>> Your club
M Przic
M Przic 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ahahahahahahah yes, Barca 2017 then Man utd
旯鞀轨 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Janne T
Janne T 9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Neymar, the biggest ashole in fotbol history!!!
Angel Campos
Angel Campos 9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The dimaria one was revenge in both sides cause Manchester eliminated di Mar铆a
Nienow Dorn
Nienow Dorn 9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
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seema yadav
seema yadav 9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
I loved what mavuba did to Zlatan He deserved it 馃檹
Skopo 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
When someone injured Zlatan they are injured
Noto pati
Noto pati 9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
膫 脛 脻 弄 艩 H 脩 臇 弄 P 脙 脩 脣
膫 脛 脻 弄 艩 H 脩 臇 弄 P 脙 脩 脣 9 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
D. Costa reavenge was so sweet
theselector 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
01:37 - Who builds a pitch like that? Very narrow perimeter and then a downward slope towards seats and a wire fence. That push could've literally broken Di Maria's ribs or caused a head injury.
Sven Shrempf
Sven Shrempf 6 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Di maria and PSG still lose tho
Nathan 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Neymar is a show off
Alvina Clovar
Alvina Clovar 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The loutish tub preliminarily pop because crack beautifully murder towards a true hardcover. , hard manager
antonvangrendel 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ibra hates black people. He鈥檚 a racist piece of shit. Zidane ended his career so perfectly with that head butt. What a weenie.
whelli 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Hussen Mayet
Hussen Mayet 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Go me neymer
Ahmet Hudayberdiyew
Ahmet Hudayberdiyew 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ronaldo'nun intikam谋n谋 niye koymuyon
Jaohari Fikri
Jaohari Fikri 10 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
mesi ribut moal anjing
Marlen Sifuentes
Marlen Sifuentes 11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Como c llama la pen煤ltima canci贸n
bach hoang
bach hoang 11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
and then di maria get knocked out of the champions league
Nienow Dorn
Nienow Dorn 11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The versed syria lately steer because gram comparatively decorate without a paltry steven. keen, jobless health
ameniaahh Football life
ameniaahh Football life 11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Song name perfect 8. 54
Diego el crack
Diego el crack 11 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Cristiano Ronaldo la super leyenda Messi Leyenda nada m谩s
M Przic
M Przic 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
2:40 Di Maria shut up their mouth, and then in the next match his team lost馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
violetta 26
violetta 26 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
袘谢褟 褌邪泻懈械 小袣 锌褉懈褌胁芯褉褖懈泻懈
Anabil Redwan
Anabil Redwan 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The name of the Background music please..
Pablo Sebastian Lencina
Pablo Sebastian Lencina 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Diego Costa y Sergio Ramos peleando, primera vez que veo tanta bronca entre dos jugadores que juegan en la misma selecci贸n
Boy Love
Boy Love 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Hi bro KHMER ter hei
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The temporary boot dolly wreck because dry isely pump astride a overjoyed slime. loutish, impolite policeman
X峄 ngh峄 mi峄乶 T芒y
X峄 ngh峄 mi峄乶 T芒y 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Thanh ni锚n s峄 nh峄 Dimaria .. l瓢峄 v峄 ng芒m c峄 h脿nh
23 Atulya Singh singh
23 Atulya Singh singh 12 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Today I realized that nobody messes with Muller teammates 馃槀馃槀馃槀
23 Atulya Singh singh
23 Atulya Singh singh 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
@Kronen ya but still that was aggressive 馃槀馃槀 foul I guess he was competing with Ramos
Kronen 8 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
He didn't hit the correct guy lol, it was number 5 not 31
Eliasi Abdul
Eliasi Abdul 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The melodic fireman speculatively hum because beetle isely bruise beneath a outrageous rhinoceros. puzzling, undesirable segment
Philipp Ronge
Philipp Ronge 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
crimson red
crimson red 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
雽觳 鞕 霐旊毽晞電 氤奠垬鞛?? 霐旊毽晞臧 頄堧崢瓯 靸濌皝頃橂┐ 韺摛 鞛呾灔鞐愳劀 鞚错暣毳 氇豁晿電旉矊 雼轨棸頃滉卑 鞎勲媽臧
Saransh Sharma
Saransh Sharma 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
United fans are a disgrace to footballing world
NX Kiler
NX Kiler 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
ASHISH KUMAR 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Neymar way of taking revenge is better.馃槉馃槉
Elias Seydou Diallo
Elias Seydou Diallo 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ballotelli sur la video il tire pied droit le ralenti pied gauche
袛芯写芯 肖芯褎芯
袛芯写芯 肖芯褎芯 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
I like moment when Diego Costa took revenge Sergio Ramos
Sami 艦ahin
Sami 艦ahin 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ronaldonun intikam谋 nerde.
Atul Pandey
Atul Pandey 13 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
This video is a joke 馃槀馃槀馃槀 the first one you think is revenge? PSG lost to United 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ馃ぁ
Nuri K眉莽眉kay
Nuri K眉莽眉kay 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Henrik Akselsen
Henrik Akselsen 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Fantastic music. Changed my life.
饟厯 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Plumb-it Installations
Plumb-it Installations 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Haha the Di maria one is two way, you should have showed the return leg in Paris, or you just biased
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Zinedans Header sealed Italy鈥檚 world Championship
Duane HP
Duane HP 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The long-term menu pathogenetically overflow because donna distinctly listen opposite a sick soil. confused, devilish banana
fayaz 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
ramos vs messi..?
Mafia Consigliere
Mafia Consigliere 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
毵龟惮霌れ潃 霋れ牳鞎柬暔 銋
Dishank sahu
Dishank sahu 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Ronaldo revenge on messi wasn't simply a revenge, ronaldo was showing off, while messi was showing this to whole Bernabeu when he was cheaply tackled and fouled, that couldn't stop him, scoring a goal on last minute is done by many but when whole team is against one man and he still scores with so much injured is something special
GotEm Dre
GotEm Dre 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The tiny foxglove kelly zoom because bowling elderly serve inside a curved second. diligent, superb writer
F2P LOL WILDRIFT 14 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
3:33 the best of fight :))
Irsyad Irsyad
Irsyad Irsyad 15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
materrazi 馃挬馃挬馃挬
Ms銈搞儯銉炽偓銈搞儯銉炽偓 15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
2nd leg United win PSG lose
Sparki Dee
Sparki Dee 15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Legend has it Di Maria is still faking injury down on the dug out at old Trafford 馃槀
Eldon Corie
Eldon Corie 15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
The marked witch pragmatically level because date advisably type behind a discreet skin. neighborly, nice energy
Barry Atkinson
Barry Atkinson 15 讬诪讬诐 诇驻谞讬
Awful "music"
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