Most Likely One-Club Man At EVERY Premier League Team

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From club captain Jack Grealish at Aston Villa to England star Marcus Rashford at Manchester United, HITC Sevens takes a look at the most likely potential one club man at each of the 20 Premier League teams.
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Marquis de Suave
Marquis de Suave חודש לפני
Heh, Phil Foden now is the starting Attacking middie for Tottenham on my Football Manager 21 save. Take that Man City!!!!
Marquis de Suave
Marquis de Suave חודש לפני
Jesus, Jack Greelish's hair on loan......
S L חודש לפני
Loans shouldn’t count.
monkeynuts חודש לפני
Rice a one club man he couldn't even be a one country man
Rhys Harries
Rhys Harries חודש לפני
Jack grealish watching peaky blinders Look that’s my great great grandfather
Stevolution חודש לפני
I could see Rashford, Greenwood and McTominay all becoming legit one-club men, although all still being relatively early in their careers, you never know what might happen.
K_Teck חודש לפני
I give Jack max 2 seasons to leave Villa
Milo Leesley
Milo Leesley חודש לפני
Sheffield United have a lot of players who could become one club men, Marcus Dewhurst, Rhys Norrington-Davis, Regan Slater and even Antoine Hackford.
Mathias. Helmer
Mathias. Helmer חודש לפני
4:23 That Ref looks pretty excited by Mcneil😂
Prenolin Linsei Naidoo
Prenolin Linsei Naidoo חודש לפני
Day 17 : 7 greatest substitions made in the history of football
Prenolin Linsei Naidoo
Prenolin Linsei Naidoo חודש לפני
Day 17 : 7 of the greatest players who started their career as an injury replacement
Jdjdjcjx Hehxjxjd
Jdjdjcjx Hehxjxjd חודש לפני
Hate the way you speak
William Redpath
William Redpath חודש לפני
There is no way Grealish stays at Villa. He'll want champions league football and a league title and he won't get either of those at Villa.
Wesley Yu
Wesley Yu חודש לפני
Hasn't Smith-Rowe played for Huddersfield?
Keanan Shaw
Keanan Shaw חודש לפני
Kyle Cawley
Kyle Cawley חודש לפני
Grealish couldn't pick a country never a club lol
Cecilia Leitet
Cecilia Leitet חודש לפני
The thought of Trent leaving Liverpool is so bizarre. I really can’t see it.
DapperRosé חודש לפני
@Shalin Tanna I think it's possible that he could follow the path of Gareth Bale and become a winger but that's still kinda a long shot.
Shalin Tanna
Shalin Tanna חודש לפני
He wouldn’t fit in many other teams because of the way Liverpool plays unless he moved to cm
Zak Horrocks
Zak Horrocks חודש לפני
Half of these players have been out on loan or spent the odd season elsewhere this video is pointless
Zak Horrocks
Zak Horrocks חודש לפני
Mount has been at Derby James has been at Wigan so can't be any of them
Ethan Parker
Ethan Parker חודש לפני
As a Southampton fan, I knew it was gonna be JWP, I just came to watch the other 19
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn חודש לפני
And kane was an arsneal fan😭
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn חודש לפני
11:08 wow as if
Cyborg Eats Food ツ
Cyborg Eats Food ツ חודש לפני
who else thought it said one-man club in the title
Matti Mcfc
Matti Mcfc חודש לפני
If you see this comment in like ten years -how did this video go and did we ever get rid of this bloody virus? Thanks in advance lol
Lee Alexander
Lee Alexander חודש לפני
Imagine thinking that Chelsea, City, or United will ever have a one club man again
Sup Gamer
Sup Gamer חודש לפני
Fun fact: my mum taught Dwight McNeil in food tech.
digga please
digga please חודש לפני
Trash content
Peter Draper
Peter Draper חודש לפני
The silent friday optimally jump because parsnip minimally hover inside a near missile. broken, callous watch
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee חודש לפני
Downfall of Jose mourinho
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee חודש לפני
Unified team UK including best players in current times year 2021... your pick of players from wales Scotland Northern Ireland and England combined
Maximilian Huber
Maximilian Huber חודש לפני
Eric Dier maybe?
Keanan Shaw
Keanan Shaw חודש לפני
Played at sporting cp
Matthew W
Matthew W חודש לפני
If Fulham are in the Championship, Rodak won't be a backup he was one the best GKs in the league last year!!
Mike 619
Mike 619 חודש לפני
Nowadays i Dont even buy football shirts with players names on the back because chances are they will be on another team by the end of the season
Matthias Verlinden
Matthias Verlinden חודש לפני
De Bruyne is better than foden
Sensei Joshu
Sensei Joshu חודש לפני
Meanwhile NBA players be changing teams every season lmao
Jack Gladman
Jack Gladman חודש לפני
Can you do the weird history of Stevenage FC video
Jonathan Peña
Jonathan Peña חודש לפני
I left a comment some time ago saying you spoke way too fast. Since that's fixed, this channel is pretty much perfect. KEEP. IT. UP.
Lucas Madden
Lucas Madden חודש לפני
I thought Tom Davies played briefly for Grimsby??
HarryCulpin01 חודש לפני
Definitely not choudhury at Leicester, he almost left in January, only kept him because of praet’s injury
anaranya kundu class 7. section d roll 19
anaranya kundu class 7. section d roll 19 חודש לפני
Suggestion most underrated player in each Premier league club
conor Shanahan
conor Shanahan חודש לפני
Grealish will play for more countries than clubs
Creees חודש לפני
SPOILER: 14 of the 20 players are 'THE MOST LIKELY ONE CLUB MAN ON THIS LIST'. I am not sure if this guy checks his videos before he sends them out or if he thought it was too much effort to go back and re record it all
Albion news gaming
Albion news gaming חודש לפני
O'Shea is much more likely to be a one club man than Edwards
M R חודש לפני
You been on loan, you ain’t a one club man
Fèlix Léon
Fèlix Léon חודש לפני
Jack Grealish will not stay at villa....he's shown a severe lack of loyalty with the International farce he caused and he wouldnt sign a new contract until the literal end of the deadline day when no one could he bothered to pay for him......
Devam Sheth
Devam Sheth חודש לפני
Suggestion: Last Arsenal Team to ACTUALLY finish 4th, where are they now
Hong Hamdan
Hong Hamdan חודש לפני
@Rudy Shiloh awesome! Took like 10 mins but it reallyworked!
Rudy Shiloh
Rudy Shiloh חודש לפני
dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)
Idfk חודש לפני
He’s done is aswell
It would have been funnier with HITC Sport
James Corcoran
James Corcoran חודש לפני
That's actually a good idea haha
Thomad Nasr
Thomad Nasr חודש לפני
Bruno represents united
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character חודש לפני
He can't be a one club man because he played for various clubs already
Justin Coolen
Justin Coolen חודש לפני
Aaron Ramsey should've been on this list man, still looks odd to see him in that Juve kit
Kieran Gorst
Kieran Gorst חודש לפני
Is that the Aaron Ramsey who played for arsenal and Cardiff lol
Kristoffer Josefsen
Kristoffer Josefsen חודש לפני
Something like, 7 best scandinavians or all time best XI from scandinavia or an XI from scandinavia for the Euorus. You have done yogoslavia and i really enjoyed those so thougth the north would be obvius :D
James Phillips
James Phillips חודש לפני
Emile Smith Rowe went out on loan to Huddersfield town and scored that wonderful goal that sent Leeds up the the Premier League
Erlend Lund
Erlend Lund חודש לפני
The fact that he didn't mention that Foden is the only man city player who's just played for one club...
semiretired86 חודש לפני
Idon't think that Grealish will retire a one club man I think that John McGinn is much more likely to do that because he most likely won't have as much interest from bigger clubs than Jack Grealish and Tyrone Mings and McGinn isn't in consideration for the national team like Grealish and Mings
B614 חודש לפני
Video idea: 7 greatest loan spells that were never maid permanent.
JiaXin Ji
JiaXin Ji חודש לפני
nah, all those players will be sold to MLS clubs when they are old
Tommy Brader
Tommy Brader חודש לפני
Hamza is bizarre choice for us considering we have been trying to sell him for the past two windows and he is very likely to go in the summer
Kaziology Vlogs
Kaziology Vlogs חודש לפני
Grealish 100% moving this summer I can bet my house it’s confirmed news
Telford Up & Over Doors
Telford Up & Over Doors חודש לפני
Hahaha Shut up
Kaziology Vlogs
Kaziology Vlogs חודש לפני
I can bet anything Grealish will move on, he would’ve last season all was agreed but...
Vishaal Prasad
Vishaal Prasad חודש לפני
Video idea: Compare England's starting lineups and tactics with a) Grealish b) Foden c) Mount d) Maddison at number 10 and decide on the best one for Euro 2020
Daniel Fletcher
Daniel Fletcher חודש לפני
Best current or best ever 23 man squad with squad numbers 1-23.
Matthew S
Matthew S חודש לפני
u keep falling off on the last word in every statement. sometimes it’s hard to understand what you’re saying and i don’t like subtitles lol
prodbywalkz's cholesterol
prodbywalkz's cholesterol חודש לפני
I had to rewind the video 3 times to figure out that he was saying “loan deals”
Matthew S
Matthew S חודש לפני
@callum i didn’t finish the video because of it😂
callum חודש לפני
very annoying
Cosxr r6
Cosxr r6 חודש לפני
Trent will most likely go to the mls when he’s older because he has American descent
football time
football time 13 ימים לפני
I think he'll end his career in Liverpool
Drilan Tafilaj
Drilan Tafilaj חודש לפני
KP 🤍
Ben חודש לפני
Leicester were literally trying the shift Choudhury out in January!
Tuckerino חודש לפני
Surely Ibra is one of the 68 folks who disslike this video
Pacis Ndahiro
Pacis Ndahiro חודש לפני
Can you also do the same video for La Liga? I bet you'll have alot of fun researching the material
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Hamilton חודש לפני
Team of one season wonders. Last 10 years
Andrew Wen
Andrew Wen חודש לפני
why no mention buffon at befginning :(
Joe Wood
Joe Wood חודש לפני
He played for Parma and PSG ?
YourNewBFF חודש לפני
Jacky is coming here, ffs.
prash jad
prash jad חודש לפני
For Manchester United it's Bruno Fernández not rashford, rashford is overrated player sacking high salary at club.
AD744 חודש לפני
I would like to see this be done for the other leagues in Europe.
Pablo חודש לפני
Athletic Club Bilbao might be the club with the most One Club Men
Bernardo Canelas
Bernardo Canelas חודש לפני
5 violins of Sporting clube de Portugal please Im asking for too longo🙏
Stelo29 חודש לפני
I lost it when you mentioned the Peaky Blinders 😂
Austin Stratton
Austin Stratton חודש לפני
Day 7 of asking for a Premier League table if each team lost their first choice XI
SNPR Megat
SNPR Megat חודש לפני
Ultimately, it's Bruno. Rashford is too on and off to be the one man team. Bruno wasn't playing in one game vs West Ham and we played the world's most boring game.
SNPR Megat
SNPR Megat חודש לפני
@wonderful human being with a great character welp it didn't say future so i said it's bruno ofc
wonderful human being with a great character
wonderful human being with a great character חודש לפני
You don't understand the context of the vid. This is a video of most likely one-team man, the player who will play for only one club and retire there
Sonderax חודש לפני
We're tryna sell Hamza Choudhury. wym man
Chillis N
Chillis N חודש לפני
no way rashfords in the thumbnail
Billy Browell
Billy Browell חודש לפני
Smith rowe has been on loan at Huddersfield before
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro חודש לפני
Grealish really strikes me as Le Tissier 2.0 and I saw many making the same comparison, he's the clear protagonist at Villa but at a bigger club his role would be much smaller, he is in that gray zone of too good for his current team but not good enough to be more than a role player on a bigger team.
Nap חודש לפני
Dont get mad at me Man U fans: but I totally see Marcus rashford In la liga... Mctominay would stay his whole career for sure
Pier Francesco Costa
Pier Francesco Costa חודש לפני
Hello Alfie! Talking about one-club men, you've reminded me of one country where this type of players almost never existed: South Korea. In fact, sooner or later in their career, the vast majority of South Korean players are required to play on loan to Sangju Sangmu, the official team of the national army, or one of the many semi-professional clubs in the minor leagues due to an almost two-year long military service. The only way footballers (and athletes in general) can possibly be exempted from their otherwise compulsory conscription is to win a gold medal at the Olympics or the Asian Games. These rules have caused a good amount of controversy across the nation in the recent years, so it could be an interesting idea to talk about them and, more generally, the history of the army's team. I hope this is interesting and useful enough! 😅😉
Ciaran G
Ciaran G חודש לפני
Saka wont leave Arsenal and if he did they’d ask for over 100 million for him hes one of the very few good players to come out of their academy
Charlie Hepworth
Charlie Hepworth חודש לפני
Smith rowe went out on loan to Huddersfield
B Zilla
B Zilla חודש לפני
Footballers today are like whores
Tris2000 חודש לפני
I think you said quite a few of the players were the “most likely” in the league right now :D
TCPH חודש לפני
Greasy Grealish not even a 1 country man never mind a 1 club man. As soon as villa clamp down on his hippy crack/ignoring lockdown/drink driving antics he'll be seeking a move elsewhere
Frishmeister79 חודש לפני
Jack Grealish's Great-great-father is just Gareth Southgate with a mustache.
Saif Karim
Saif Karim חודש לפני
Premier League's greatest journey men
R9 חודש לפני
Saka is more likely to stay with his new contract.
Jim_The Greek
Jim_The Greek חודש לפני
*Video shows loyal one-club players* Sterling:Am I a joke to you???
Thomas Kendell
Thomas Kendell חודש לפני
Mason Mount 😂 all he does his run around with no end product 🙈
Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry חודש לפני
Video idea: Seven managers who had a poor season and were on the brink of a sacking, only to miraculously turnaround their club's fortunes. (or better yet, end up winning a championship or trophy)
Kitso K
Kitso K חודש לפני
Please do a video on the best 23 man squad of every club that has featured the most in the premier league E. G a video doing all of UT's best ever prem players all the way to a team like Aston Villa Then by the end of the series rank them from 20th to first best on their strengths You should also name the best manager of each club Like Wenger for Arsenal and Mourinio for Chelsea
THEJAXEL חודש לפני
Are you on drugs. Jack is going nowhere! 🤦‍♂️🙄
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah חודש לפני
Me and Rashford will be a United player forever ♥️🇳🇬☑️
Arturo Perez
Arturo Perez חודש לפני
Day IDK anymore -Mexican 2012 Olympic gold medal winning xi: where are they now
Roy Treves
Roy Treves חודש לפני
its day 2 mate i checked for you :)
Prabhav Sharma
Prabhav Sharma חודש לפני
Suggestion: Worst Premier League manager for the 20 current clubs
Prabhav Sharma
Prabhav Sharma חודש לפני
@Drifterzz emery or arteta (not Wenger of course)
Drifterzz חודש לפני
For aresenal which one
Dirk Switchoff
Dirk Switchoff חודש לפני
What a suggestion
Jack S
Jack S חודש לפני
Not directed at me but Sam Allardyce for sure, brought in to raise morale and the team and has only seemed to worsen it and performance
Strawberry Station
Strawberry Station חודש לפני
> Choudhury is not pushing for a move Mate, he was supposedly on his way out this window and only stayed because of the extra options needed to compete in three competitions (PL, Europa, FA Cup). I like Hamza, but he's literally the last person I'd expect to become a one-club man right now, regardless of the likely interest in other academy products. Hamza is third in the pecking order at DMF behind Ndidi and Mendy right now, wants game time and is probably in a battle for the positional spot with Amartey in the case of both Wilf and Papy being regularly unavailable - indeed, Big Dan is only being behind him in the pecking order right now because he's more flexible and regularly filling in for our injury-ravaged back line at either CB or RB. This might actually be beneficial to Hamza with the nasty news about James Justin's injury today (out for months), but still leaves him as third choice in his primary position. Both Barnes and Thomas (and possibly even Daley-Campbell if he can push on from his senior debut last week) are probably more likely prospects to stick it out and become talismans for us, though I accept that Barnes is going to have the big-money vultures circling soon with the form he's in. If we're serious about becoming an established side in the European positions though, we'll be building our post-Vardy team around young Harvey.
Andres Alcocer
Andres Alcocer חודש לפני
Grealish betrayed Ireland what makes you think he’ll be a one club man
Sav Koletas
Sav Koletas חודש לפני
Would be great to see a video like this but with all of your favourite all time players from each PL club
xMsry7 חודש לפני
I'm a Liverpool fan who hasn't watched yet, but I'm guessing Trent lol
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