Men’s 100M - ATHLETICS | FINAL Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020

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Lorenzo Galimberti
Lorenzo Galimberti 13 ימים לפני
Whoever says that this final was slow and boring compared to the 2012 london Olympics just look at the wind speed first
Andrea Cinardo
Andrea Cinardo 15 ימים לפני
"This man has come fron nowhere". A few months ago: European champion in 60m indoor with the best performance of the year in the world.
Micaela Mazzoleni
Micaela Mazzoleni 15 ימים לפני
Francesco Napolitano
Francesco Napolitano 19 ימים לפני
Da italiano mi emoziono sempre nel rivedere questa storica vittoria di Jacobs.🥇
FinnFasty 21 יום לפני
I miss bolt😩
Alberto Me
Alberto Me 24 ימים לפני
For native english speakers: what kind of english does the commentator speak? RP? Posh? Other?
Irene Petrilli
Irene Petrilli 28 ימים לפני
Eurovision, Euro20, 100m, 4x100... Che anno meraviglioso!
Nikolai Pavlov
Nikolai Pavlov חודש לפני
An asian runner in the finals, an Italian won the gold and no Jamaican in the race?! When did the world go wrong? :)
Alberto Me
Alberto Me חודש לפני
Two weeks later still exciting
Tozkoparan iskender Hayat ve
Tozkoparan iskender Hayat ve חודש לפני
umberto stabia
umberto stabia חודש לפני
Speaker must be english : Italy one have rappresentive.
Manlio Cozzi
Manlio Cozzi חודש לפני
this man has come from nowhere ... yeahhhhhhhhhh
CHRoOMAX חודש לפני
Typical British strats, always playing the dirty game, trying to cheese victories, but ultimately, failing.
GIROSSINI58 חודש לפני
Italians do all better. Eat, drink, run. & no Su shi chinise, " spocchioso ".
AltheAlien IZ
AltheAlien IZ חודש לפני
Breaking News! What about doped Ujah for team GB in 4x100?! Didn't have to be Jacobs the cheating One, according to some disgusting and disgraceful anglophone journalism? 👑😎🇮🇹Such as Daily Mail, Times and Washington Post?!? The gasping saltiness of bad losers, of who generally doesn't accept that it can happen to lose. At any level, in any world scenario. Long Live the Olympic Spirit! ✌🏻
Raikas חודש לפני
3:51 look at jacobs laughing at him XD
__mystery__ חודש לפני
Damn Jacobs😍😍😍
Meridies חודש לפני
" "(Su)....heis not so quickly away this time alongside him it's Kerley and Kerley's going on LOOK AT THE ITALIAN.!!!...."
umberto stabia
umberto stabia חודש לפני
We lost Just a final of Wimbledon, Is for next year.
Pego חודש לפני
English speaker: “this man has come from nowhere “. Actually, he’s COMING from ROME.
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
and He is a champion of 60m indoor
Passione Blue
Passione Blue חודש לפני
And he did the European record in the semifinal.
Andrew Feres
Andrew Feres חודש לפני
"This man has come from nowhere" 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣 and that's the anteroom of the lack of knowledge about his own job and full lackness of impartial comment ..... He started nominating Italy (even was second during the relay) a meter before the end....fair play 000.000.000
MajoIngram חודש לפני
olympic stadium is stunned.... but who in there?? xD
Parandroid90 חודש לפני
Hello, Karma.
Roger Diogo
Roger Diogo חודש לפני
I once had a teacher that said nobody coud run 100mts under 10 seconds, LOL!
oh boy
oh boy חודש לפני
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
The Seven
The Seven חודש לפני
He has been tested 18 times this season. Always negative.
Franco Lindiri
Franco Lindiri חודש לפני
Yes...for England
Giuseppe Ceniccola
Giuseppe Ceniccola חודש לפני
Stefano Melis
Stefano Melis חודש לפני
Aside from being happy for the Jacobs, I love it when people making arrogant gestures like American athlete Kerley telling "us" to be quiet 🤫 get put in their place.
Stefano Melis
Stefano Melis חודש לפני
@Riccardo Giovetti ok sulle critiche in casa è già più verosimile rispetto alla tua prima affermazione sul suo volere silenzio per concentrarsi - a maggior ragione gli sarebbe convenuto farlo a fine gara vinta, farlo prima e arrivare secondo, atleticamente comunque chapeau, ma nel suo dialogo verso chi vuole zittire ha l'effetto opposto… lo espone al ridicolo e lo dipinge appunto come arrogante, almeno ai miei occhi.
Riccardo Giovetti
Riccardo Giovetti חודש לפני
@Stefano Melis Kerley ha un espressione molto seria e risoluta, potrebbe fare l'attore e interpretare il cattivo in qualche serie tv criminale. È per quello che da quell'impressione. In realtà è stato il primo se non l'unico finalista a complimentarsi con Jacobs sui social dopo la vittoria e anche dopo aver visto i risultati se noti è lui che richiama gli altri per farsi la foto insieme. La mia interpretazione è che quel silenzio al limite possa riferirsi alla stampa del suo paese, che più di una volta lo ha screditato a favore degli altri due velocisti, non considerandolo come candidato al podio e rimproverandogli più.volte di non aver scelto i 400.
Stefano Melis
Stefano Melis חודש לפני
@Riccardo Giovetti ok il beneficio del dubbio, ma 'sta cosa è una tua interpretazione o l'ha detta lui? È un gesto comunemente usato con arroganza e a me il suo sguardo mentre lo conferma.
Riccardo Giovetti
Riccardo Giovetti חודש לפני
Kerley è un bravo ragazzo. Voleva silenzio per concentrarsi, non era per fare lo spocchioso
Josip Malčić
Josip Malčić חודש לפני
Italy was never good in sprint races and now all of a sudden they win 100m and 4x100 hahahah come on, they need to test all of them asap...
umberto stabia
umberto stabia 24 ימים לפני
Test Dan , english man was positive.
Trentino Domenico Iorfida
Trentino Domenico Iorfida חודש לפני
Suka ☺️
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
they need to test all of Uk Athlete asap fixed
Neutron Alchemist
Neutron Alchemist חודש לפני
Italy holds the european 200m record since 1979 (world record from 1979 to 1996). And now the European 100m record.
The Seven
The Seven חודש לפני
Ahhaha funny man, in the 4×100 there was no usa; jamaica, china and japan mistook the changes, and about jacobs, he's been tested 18 times this season, man i guess you're just pissed that US sucked this time
Sir Lawrence
Sir Lawrence חודש לפני
Look at the italian Jacobs!!!
Evren Evrn
Evren Evrn חודש לפני
Fabio T.
Fabio T. חודש לפני
Kerley kerley kerley... look at the italian Jacobs 😂😂
ruffgook חודש לפני
We need more diversity for 100m. This is racist
Barte חודש לפני
fie lopéz
fie lopéz חודש לפני
italy: wins Eurovision.. euro2020.... Olympi.. ok everything Next Step: Roman Empire and recover their Monnalisa
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
and the the red cross of Saint George from UK flag😁
Jacopo Z
Jacopo Z חודש לפני
6:20 Jacobs be like: "...wait, where's the flag?... WHERE'S THE FLAG??? *GIMME THE FLAG MAN!!!* "
Cataldo Argentieri
Cataldo Argentieri חודש לפני
The best ☺
antimo d'agostino
antimo d'agostino חודש לפני
Come direbbe cetto laqualunque: "nto cul a tutti" 😆😆
Vlad C
Vlad C חודש לפני
The italian that is actually american.
gabriella gentile
gabriella gentile חודש לפני
His dad is american hut his mum is 100% italian. He grew up in Italy since he was 1year old, that's enought to call him italian.
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
0123456789abc decghijklmn
0123456789abc decghijklmn חודש לפני
Il Ninten
Il Ninten 8 ימים לפני
ye the brit athlete was caught cheating.
fie lopéz
fie lopéz חודש לפני
@max ros 🤣🤣🤣🤣
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
UK? its possible
fie lopéz
fie lopéz חודש לפני
In your brain❤
Gaganmeet Singh
Gaganmeet Singh חודש לפני
It feels like 2021 for Italy is trying so hard to make up for 2020.
majklson15 חודש לפני
Chinese guy finished last and they gave him the flag to show off. Disgrace.
Politik Ion
Politik Ion חודש לפני
Lamont, raised with pasta and pizza I am sure....
Luca Stuca
Luca Stuca חודש לפני
they r too strict. 1 false start and you are out?
Lucy Pagano
Lucy Pagano חודש לפני
That's how it should be
lena m
lena m חודש לפני
omne pulchrum est🥰🇮🇹
Don Henderson
Don Henderson חודש לפני
Jacob has been with a major steroid dealer from Milano for a few years until 6 months ago, so, you know that he has been doping like the rest of them. How do folks watch the Olympics or cycling anymore? The majority of the athletes have been doping some time in their lives.....
Don Henderson
Don Henderson 7 ימים לפני
@Il Ninten most of them
Il Ninten
Il Ninten 8 ימים לפני
@Don Henderson Like the brit? lol
Don Henderson
Don Henderson חודש לפני
@The Seven nothing wrong. Just reality! Stop worshipping folks......Jesus fookin christ, get out of your disney culture society which is full of stupid, ignorant, obese and uneducated folks.
The Seven
The Seven חודש לפני
@Don Henderson ahhah yeah yeah whatever i don't get what's wrong with you people
Don Henderson
Don Henderson חודש לפני
I hope he isn't doping but they all do.
Ashok Kini
Ashok Kini חודש לפני
3:53 jacobs from the behind laughing 😂😂😂
Muneeb Najam
Muneeb Najam חודש לפני
3:52jacobs smiling behind 😂🤣
Zerifu חודש לפני
this is not the same without Jamaica
Franco Lindiri
Franco Lindiri חודש לפני
Yes no doping
PL4stik1991 חודש לפני
Yeah, is better
Crabefeller חודש לפני
i feel sorry for the mans DQ , never knew that rules are so strict . He will feel that for the rest of his life , not that he did not win , but that he lost his chance to even try after all that hard work to get there
JustSomeone חודש לפני
Why celebrate China with the flag and Canada not. I am confused
TenorCantusFirmus חודש לפני
As an Italian, I've spent that day and the following one in deep shock... In the morning, our fencers came home with a humiliating defeat just at Quarter-Finals in Men's Team Foil, ending their olympics with no Golden Medals for the first time since decades (Sportive Fencing has been invented by Livornese Angelo Tremamondo and it's where most of our Victories and Medals come from, so a winless Fencing team has been labelled as a national shame). Then, that evening, two Golden Medals in ten minutes from the Athletics, where we won no medals since a Bronze in the Triple Jump at London 2012, one of them from the 100 m., a discipline where none of our athletes has never even made it throught the Final. What the heck?!?
Nancy Sunday
Nancy Sunday חודש לפני
Why is Bolt leaving this people play like this🤣🤣🤣
El Dimos Karam
El Dimos Karam חודש לפני
Bolt got old
mario rossi
mario rossi חודש לפני
Grande jacobs orgoglio italiano
Alessio Menchetti
Alessio Menchetti חודש לפני
From nowhere tornatece voi grazie 😂
Peter Almeida
Peter Almeida חודש לפני
The US was robbed here. This was the biggest STEAL in the history of the olympics and i dare i say the world. What kind of Italian is called "Jacobs"? Can you guys believe that?! Anyone?! The IOC needs to launch an investigation into this. I myself have done a DEEP investigation( with many many sources from all around the world) and found concrete evidence that this guy is actually American. Therefore the gold medal belongs to the US, no matter what the lying media says and i have real proof to back it up. Stay tuned because i will make the big REVEAL anytime soon! By the way, before people try to cancel me for "xenophobia" i'll let you know i love Italy and Italian culture: Pizza Hut and other stuff like old buildings. Trust me, no one knows more about Italy than me.
Andrea Pecci
Andrea Pecci 18 ימים לפני
Source: trust me, I'm something of an investigator myself
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
lol Pizza Hut is not Italian
El Dimos Karam
El Dimos Karam חודש לפני
Dude, he is half american and half italian and grew up in italy.
Barte חודש לפני
You gotta be more sarcastic to be a better troll
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
Deeeeep investigation🤣
Frank Cuentas Fernández
Frank Cuentas Fernández חודש לפני
Ohh me dolió hasta a mí.
Cris 92
Cris 92 חודש לפני
A Italian win the 100M Final in a Olympic game. This is crazy. It's like for the USA win a World Cup. Still don't belive it . So proud. Go Jacobs!!!
Allan M
Allan M חודש לפני
That feeling when England choke in the final and Italy wins it again.
Laura Sanchez
Laura Sanchez חודש לפני
Imagine waiting 5 years to compete just to disqualify because of a false start... Ouch
Chandra Kanth
Chandra Kanth חודש לפני
Call me a conspiracy theorist but most sporting events seem scripted these days
Scripture Examined
Scripture Examined חודש לפני
Why not give every false starter two chances?
PL4stik1991 חודש לפני
It is not the first Olympics in which the athlete is disqualified at the first false start, this rule has been applied since 2010
laki74 חודש לפני
I still don't understand in a sport where every split second counts, why sprinters insist on wearing gold chains around their necks.
FOREX IL חודש לפני
FOREX IL חודש לפני
Barte חודש לפני
@FOREX IL keep speaking your only language and keep bein saltyyyyyy
FOREX IL חודש לפני
@Barte VA FENCULO like this fake champ
Barte חודש לפני
Rikard Andersson
Rikard Andersson חודש לפני
Ittalian sprinter?? Omg this cant be truth!!?? Is he like the greece who woked up just before olympics and then fade away? Where is usa today in sports? No one near 10 sec!!
Passione Blue
Passione Blue חודש לפני
Who has got men's 200m european record? And now 100m top.
Rikard Andersson
Rikard Andersson חודש לפני
Gbr what the hell!!!
max ros
max ros חודש לפני
is this Brexit getting out of hand?🤣
maxdgr חודש לפני
Italy has a representative....yes the number 1
Iso NY
Iso NY חודש לפני
How comes the fastest men are almost all black? why not caucasian or asian men? Just wondering!
ZeroPuntoUno חודש לפני
yes sir, Italy have a reprensentative too...
Natalie Zementbeisser
Natalie Zementbeisser חודש לפני
I am faster than them
homonovus6 חודש לפני
GOOD ENOUGH! shut up please
Mar.K חודש לפני
Jacob played nicely and smart saving some energy.
athenayoyo חודש לפני
Only one asian! Great Su!
daithi חודש לפני
Where is all the top sprinters?
Fabio Scafa
Fabio Scafa חודש לפני
Coming from nowhere tu sorella! XD
SnoopyDoo חודש לפני
7.5 minute video for an event that lasts 10 seconds. And one guy blows 4 years of training in a split second by jumping the gun.
SWTORgiveaway חודש לפני
No Yohan Blake, Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay?? Bolt is retired sure but all of em?
SWTORgiveaway חודש לפני
@Lucy Pagano Thanks! I'm happy to see Jacobs win, olympic gold for a white man for a chance, that must have been long ago. Maybe Christophe Lemaitre could have had a chance? What happened to him? I really like Yohan Blake, feel bad for him though. But, he's showed what he can.
Lucy Pagano
Lucy Pagano חודש לפני
Blake got eliminated at the semifinal, gatlin got replaced by bromwell and bromwell didn't get into the final. Tyson gay is too old
luc white
luc white חודש לפני
in few months he will be on the news for anabo.....and he will be disqualified Just look and come back at me.
The Seven
The Seven חודש לפני
He has been tested 18 times this season and always negative, guess you're just sad US didnt' win, what a pity
PL4stik1991 חודש לפני
So if the winner is not English or American is he necessarily doped? Don't you feel how desperate, pathetic and looser you sound ?!
crixus123 crixus123
crixus123 crixus123 חודש לפני
So empty arena, lol.
Expert InAnything
Expert InAnything חודש לפני
There definitely is a lack of diversity, here… Hey, leftists, don’t you think the 100m dash is racist??? Let’s cancel it too, no???
James Butler
James Butler חודש לפני
The commentator was terrible and biased.
James Butler
James Butler חודש לפני
Jacobs Italy, Warholm Norway, what a great games for Europe.
Dhiego Gustavo Rodrigues Silva
Dhiego Gustavo Rodrigues Silva חודש לפני
change the caster
USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse
USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse חודש לפני
His former nutritionist is being investigated for distribution of anabolic steroids.... Just saying
USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse
USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse חודש לפני
@Claudio.R AHH yeah ok, no problem then:) all is good
The Seven
The Seven חודש לפני
He has been released because at the end he was not guilty, and jacobs has been tested 18 times this season and always negative
Claudio.R חודש לפני
Former. FORMER. He’s not his nutritionist anymore. Baseless accusations as usual.
Gentian Tian
Gentian Tian חודש לפני
Whose former nutritionist? Jacobs has been tested and He's clean. And US aren't the best example in this field, anyway.
Bernard Adeniyi
Bernard Adeniyi חודש לפני
Except the Chinese guy believe me you the rest of the people are all black. African are going to rule the world very soon in all sports..
Barte חודש לפני
Like swimming? Lol
Genesys1040 חודש לפני
Filippo Tortu says hi
Patrik Ahlvik
Patrik Ahlvik חודש לפני
Suddenly Italy has the fastes sprinters in the world on 100 m, just in time for the Olympics
The Seven
The Seven חודש לפני
WHAT A PITY, he was a long jumper until 2019 and has been tested 18 times this season and always negative
Laoch חודש לפני
Italy cant stop winning
Mattia Frascà
Mattia Frascà חודש לפני
3:53 Jacobs is laughing at the English guy!🤣🤣 Is not coming home mate!!
Daniela Paludetto
Daniela Paludetto חודש לפני
The commentator about Jacobs :"this man has come from nowhere" No dear, you have to document yourself better before doing a commentary
Marijo Mutavdzic
Marijo Mutavdzic חודש לפני
After Usain Bolt and his ten-year inviolable rule, the 100 m and 200 m are no longer interesting.
branc חודש לפני
For you may be.
Sunlight Spirit
Sunlight Spirit חודש לפני
Forza Italia 💪🏿🇮🇹
J. J. Avalon
J. J. Avalon חודש לפני
Disqualification for the 1st false start is utterly unfair. There’s so much nerves in those moments.
Kluks חודש לפני
I miss bolt
Tim Ewert
Tim Ewert חודש לפני
the Nigerian runner looked heartbroken
Plati100 חודש לפני
“Italy have a representative” Lol
Alessandro Felici
Alessandro Felici חודש לפני
First final without steroids ever.
anna f
anna f חודש לפני
He is the European Champion on 60 mt with a fantastic time. He truly can’t say he come from nowhere. That’s just disinformation!
dgrgpp חודש לפני
It's coming Rome!!
mich zanda
mich zanda חודש לפני
this is pizza diet long term effects
ALAN BROWN חודש לפני
Great Britain just didn't perform at all on the track events winning 0 Golds, Italy won 5 Gold?? What does this tell you about the Great Britain team? They were useless, absolutely useless and the galling part was watching Italy pip the British team in the relay, what a bunch of crap they were! Take away their lottery funds, they don't deserve it! My granny could do better than that lot
Мартин Иден
Мартин Иден חודש לפני
naaaaasty!!! finally finals under 10 secs. No Bolt, Gay, Powell, Gatlin - no party
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