LaMelo Ball 30 Pts! Blazers Team Record 24 3s! 2020-21 NBA Season

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Chris Smoove

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Basketball 360
Basketball 360 חודש לפני
Both melos going off for 25 plus points
Q D חודש לפני
Aint lemelo the only rookie that been balling young blood
Cameron Shirley
Cameron Shirley חודש לפני
Bam and Kyrie are mad now...
D CASH חודש לפני
Melo definitely rookie of the year
P.J. Tucker
P.J. Tucker חודש לפני
Thats my type a game
Tyrone Sorra
Tyrone Sorra חודש לפני
Carmelo in his prime makes the blazers a playoff team
PocketRocket חודש לפני
Lamelo for president ✊🏽
Official CJ
Official CJ חודש לפני
Anthony Edwards in my opinion
Jey Rey
Jey Rey חודש לפני
Its a Melo off
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson חודש לפני
Lamelo is the best rookie
Isaiah Pegues
Isaiah Pegues חודש לפני
do do
do do חודש לפני
ball is wining rookie of the year
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball חודש לפני
I am the real Melo
Robert Gollnick
Robert Gollnick חודש לפני
wonder what he told them at 1:20
Dorijan Mihalic
Dorijan Mihalic חודש לפני
Lamelo is new melo
DeadThumbGamer חודש לפני
Obviously a name sake moment
Makaveli Today
Makaveli Today חודש לפני
Clark son 6th man melo roty
the rock
the rock חודש לפני
Swapping of jersey to a player who is not great its a bad idea.
Reginald Knight
Reginald Knight חודש לפני
James wiseman rookie of the year but he is hurt tyrees halebert sorry if I spelled it wrong
Jordanjay242 חודש לפני
None of Carmelo shots hit the rim
Bari חודש לפני
anthony edwards had a solid season so far
Niddin Sriharan
Niddin Sriharan חודש לפני
melo> melo
Andrew Di Re
Andrew Di Re חודש לפני
I think Ben simmons still has a shot at roty🤣 mans still not improved
Kaelan Crowder
Kaelan Crowder חודש לפני
Lemelo Rookie of the year
unknown חודש לפני
EU Wonder
EU Wonder חודש לפני
The present and the past!
MopHead Tweevis
MopHead Tweevis חודש לפני
Melo to melo: u know I’m the original melo right?
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson חודש לפני
Melo vs Melo 😳
Kareem Abdel- Jabbar
Kareem Abdel- Jabbar חודש לפני
When Melo meets Melo....
Kendrell Jordan
Kendrell Jordan חודש לפני
he should be the rookie of the year
Swag_21 חודש לפני
Lamelo getting better and better everyday
Variety Vids
Variety Vids חודש לפני
Easily is lamelo ball.
ShaneGxmes חודש לפני
Ppl saying lamelo ROTY but I got Ben Simmons
Jordan Jagaroo
Jordan Jagaroo חודש לפני
Melo definitely ROTY
GKdunch חודש לפני
melo is better than melo
Sharkboy 200
Sharkboy 200 חודש לפני
No Lamelo Ball is not the rookie of the year it will be Patrick Williams on the Bulls.
Dre Savage
Dre Savage חודש לפני
It was wiseman but lamelo is pulling up for the trophy
Pineabblez חודש לפני
why don't you show Nassir little dunks
Willijs חודש לפני
So are they now allowed to exchange jerseys after the game?
Shabazz Prophet
Shabazz Prophet חודש לפני
Wont the real melo please stand up
Shabazz Prophet
Shabazz Prophet חודש לפני
All you others melos are just imitating
justlokí חודש לפני
I'm really happy that Melo finally found his role 💯
Kemar Brown
Kemar Brown חודש לפני
Watching these highlights I'm realizing that nobody is doubling Lillard...but yet when Steph has the ball 🤔
Reverse OFF
Reverse OFF חודש לפני
Lamelo low key amazing lmao
Lordstealzuss חודש לפני
Lamelo is running away with rookie of the year
Melly Icey
Melly Icey חודש לפני
Hoodie Melo back dropping 29pts
Matthew Ponce
Matthew Ponce חודש לפני
Is it just me Covington with #23 doesn't look right lmao
Igmn 23
Igmn 23 חודש לפני
Lamelo is balling bra fr.
Jonni the laker fan
Jonni the laker fan חודש לפני
lamelo ball is rookie of the year
Blue Waves
Blue Waves חודש לפני
Lamelo living up to the expectations that was set for Lonzo Ball.
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball חודש לפני
fab melo the real melo #RIP
Shart Nugget
Shart Nugget חודש לפני
Max Gardner
Max Gardner חודש לפני
Halliburton n edwards havin great seasons but lamelo ROTY easy
D חודש לפני
Melo on Melo crime !
Maxwell Sarpong
Maxwell Sarpong חודש לפני
yes Lamelo SHOULD be rookie of the year
TyJamar חודש לפני
LaMelo definitely ROTY
Sheriff Saliu
Sheriff Saliu חודש לפני
Ben Simmons is rookie of the year hands down.
Yasser Yasser
Yasser Yasser חודש לפני
James Wiesman
Devastinator חודש לפני
Lascelles Green
Lascelles Green חודש לפני
Until Carmelo Anthony retires he holds the nickname “Melo”🙌🏿🐐
Julio Daniel Insfran
Julio Daniel Insfran חודש לפני
0:51 Dame thought it was the fourth quarter and went Dame Time
leo The Black Mexican
leo The Black Mexican חודש לפני
C'melo vs l'melo
Kionte Wilford
Kionte Wilford חודש לפני
Hey Doogie pookie smoove
Rodga Laurius
Rodga Laurius חודש לפני
No duh he is smoove
Justin Brown
Justin Brown חודש לפני
Keenan Ellis
Keenan Ellis חודש לפני
Andre The Flash
Andre The Flash חודש לפני
Carmelo is a legend!!! 🏀
sikelela Mbatha
sikelela Mbatha חודש לפני
"im diving, dolphin dive" im in tears😳😂
Daniel The dude
Daniel The dude חודש לפני
When u said melo dropped 30 off the bench i thought carmelo, guess not....
Alexis Cando
Alexis Cando חודש לפני
He did dropped 29 off the bench so close enough
DweeqHD חודש לפני
The battle of the Melos
AI SHAY חודש לפני
It's close between lamelo and edwards
Football Class
Football Class חודש לפני
Melo is hands down rookie of the year.
Tribeka חודש לפני
Where all my boys calling melo a bust after 2 games, fucking bums lmfao
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson חודש לפני
lamelo ball is rookie of the year
mr logick
mr logick חודש לפני
Media is so phony , two years ago these guys were the butt of jokes Keep working
Señor Chang
Señor Chang חודש לפני
Om Desai
Om Desai חודש לפני
If you don't think lamelo ball is rookie of the year give me your dealers number asap
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball חודש לפני
Ken Laguinlin
Ken Laguinlin חודש לפני
Man disrespected Carmelo by putting the other Melo in the title instead of his 29 point performance, thats some cheese
kp j
kp j חודש לפני
30 points is more than 29 point. At least the last time checked
DemonReacts חודש לפני
Melo is trash
DCMJ FOOTBALL15 חודש לפני
It’s gonna go down to LaMelo and Haliburton for ROTY
ATC On games
ATC On games חודש לפני
Imenueul quickly
Javert חודש לפני
Mel00 is such a great guy
_ GodBoy _
_ GodBoy _ חודש לפני
Lamelo ROTY
Sinister99 חודש לפני
Melo and Melo swapping jerseys isnt that some cheeseeeeee
Zaemackinstackz חודש לפני
Nobody: Smoove: CarMELLOOO vs the rookie LaMELLOOO Mad emphasis on Melo 🤣🤣🤣
DrippyGM חודש לפני
jeez if carmelo retires
Leroy Banging
Leroy Banging חודש לפני
Lamelo is leading all rookies in every single stat.
David Godfrey
David Godfrey חודש לפני
Lamelo for ROTY and it’s not even close
Super_Hoops חודש לפני
Passing of the MELO torch
AL3X _
AL3X _ חודש לפני
Melo and Melo swapping jerseys at the end of the game is somewhat equivalent to the Spiderman meme where they point at each other.
Sinister Cerberus
Sinister Cerberus חודש לפני
That is an underrated comment right there.
Jred Nordam Balbalosa
Jred Nordam Balbalosa חודש לפני
i missed carmelo putting that kind of score even do im not a huge fan of anthony.
Short Random Videos
Short Random Videos חודש לפני
Lamelo will be injured after the All Star break.
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh חודש לפני
It was nice how Carmelo and Lamelo both were celebrating 3s with the same celebration :)
Anthony Nassif
Anthony Nassif חודש לפני
I think Anthony edwards deserve to be the rookie of the year
Elisa Pena
Elisa Pena חודש לפני
It's between Anthony Edwards and LaMelo
Alex חודש לפני
Ball proving he the real BALL brother
VOH Basketball
VOH Basketball חודש לפני
Proud of Young Melo and OG Melo #VohBasketball #NeverTuckYourTown #DoMOR
Mitchell Kim
Mitchell Kim חודש לפני
Carmelo exchanging jerseys with Lamelo just shows what the NBA thinks of Lamelo’s talent. Lamelo is the best Ball brother with the highest ceiling fosho.
GG חודש לפני
u gattam rike!
Coolioth חודש לפני
look at melo man
Retarded Meliodas
Retarded Meliodas חודש לפני
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