I Bought NBA 2K from TWENTY YEARS AGO...

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StayxStrapped 11 ימים לפני
2k1 is classic too. But this brought back memories 🙏🏿💯
coolvidzman 19 ימים לפני
I am I the only one that made note that he played the Gamecube version? Shout out to all my Gamecube soldiers out there...
Alan Lewis
Alan Lewis 23 ימים לפני
Had this game for Dreamcast. Takes me back.
Torian W
Torian W 24 ימים לפני
back in the day, they don't do it anymore obviously, if the lakers played a home game on sunday they would wear white jerseys so that's why they had a sunday option for jerseys
xXClutchXx 26 ימים לפני
This should be a series. I bought a game from…
Oliver Feichtinger
Oliver Feichtinger 26 ימים לפני
dude, Gamecube!? Da hell? Dreamcast or gtfo, this is SEGA (!) NBA 2K2, it performs 5x better ;)
Hooked on Chronics
Hooked on Chronics 27 ימים לפני
Shit I had that game
Mtdub Da Champ
Mtdub Da Champ 27 ימים לפני
You're not gonna enjoy it now, if you was alive when they first hit you would've gotten why they crushed live lol. 2K set the bar. It was the shit on the dreamcast lolm
The Black Face of White Supremacy
The Black Face of White Supremacy חודש לפני
we got the same birthday...imma subscribe now
Unbeaten_east 1
Unbeaten_east 1 חודש לפני
Sorry I was hitting 3s from the logo with Ben Simmons greened em all mateee
Arrogant חודש לפני
Day 4 of asking for Miles McBride career simulation
Michael Dirks Sr
Michael Dirks Sr חודש לפני
My son is born in 11/5/2001
dhdjdjdjdjdjks חודש לפני
I was realizing we had the same birthday when you reminded me to like the video
Donny D
Donny D חודש לפני
the only game i ever played back then.... perfect game
Louie R
Louie R חודש לפני
SF Tyson Chandler lol
Randy Page
Randy Page חודש לפני
Im 37 and it seems like technology was moving so fast in the 90s, internet, cellphones etc. Here in 2021 you could play a 20 year old video game that isn't to far from the current gen its like the innovation has slowed way down but it could be just me.
Marcus Sessoms
Marcus Sessoms חודש לפני
Born in 2002? I remember when 2K came out on the Dreamcast
Allen H
Allen H חודש לפני
Miles Bridges Career Sim/ Hornets Rebuild
Eric Bogar
Eric Bogar חודש לפני
I don't get why we care that you bough an old game. So impressive.
Jacob Quaresima
Jacob Quaresima חודש לפני
Have you Watched Malice in the palace
Andrew Bauer
Andrew Bauer חודש לפני
Free throws sucked ass in this game
Xtalreduction חודש לפני
I had this game on dreamcast as a kid. i simmed 50 years one day and in that amount of time i had a team that won back to back chips in year 48 and 49. I was like hey i must have a great team. go to check out my roster because up to this point i had let the cpu do everything. My highest player was a 58 overall!! I was like what in the world, go look around the league most " elite players" are in the over all 50s. Idk what 2k Did with this game but seriously they put in a super crazy regression factor in this game as apparent by this video.
MichLo3 חודש לפני
6 minutes in and you still got Christian Laettner and Eddie Curry on your team. Not hatin though.
Pomegranateee חודש לפני
You should do a simulation where every team is a draft class for example the 2019 class has the starters of Zion, Ja, Herro, Bol, and Cameron Reddish.
Kwesi Clarke
Kwesi Clarke חודש לפני
The Drake bar was hard
OYaY Ralph
OYaY Ralph חודש לפני
Bruh said mike look like all he do is gamble 🤣🤣🤣 hoop and the goatee 💀💀
shugbz1 חודש לפני
This dude funny!
David Garrison
David Garrison חודש לפני
This was the first NBA game I bought for the PS2. I was 11 🤧. 1990 babies getting old
Freedom MGTOW
Freedom MGTOW חודש לפני
One of the best theme intro's next to 2kpennies by the Cool Kids. This game was Awesome 👌. Great memories 👌❤
Travis Chaney
Travis Chaney חודש לפני
Charles Oakley is LeBron's dad.
Ram_Infinite חודש לפני
Sega Dreamcast was a great console. Been playing since the first 2k
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson חודש לפני
This video was not here yesterday?????????
KobeisGoated חודש לפני
Yes it was
Chris Cothron
Chris Cothron חודש לפני
The way the ratings progress/regress in this game are crazy af lmao
Jack Butcher
Jack Butcher חודש לפני
the definition of underated
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy חודש לפני
This shit is all over the place.
Afdhal Niza
Afdhal Niza חודש לפני
The reflective tile willy fix because jury adventitiously connect midst a demonic increase. wise, waiting patricia
Kadar Braxton
Kadar Braxton חודש לפני
This was my first 2k on dreamcast.
IamMicxh חודש לפני
My first 2k! I played this so much growing up on the GameCube!!
Kemar Ballentine
Kemar Ballentine חודש לפני
NBA 2K2 had the best intro ever!
davexfernandez 1
davexfernandez 1 חודש לפני
Rest In Paradise Kobe and Gigi and The Passengers Who Were Apart Of The Helicopter Crash Amen Brothers and Sisters Amen🙏✝️👑✝️🙏.
Views From The 7 Side
Views From The 7 Side חודש לפני
Settings hack 👀👀👀
NOYCE חודש לפני
Kid went from a young white weeb voice "I'll have her home by 7pm Sir" to sounding like a manly mixed dude voice "She calls me Daddy too" And I didn't even know he's born in 2001 I thought he was like 1994 or 1995.
KobeisGoated חודש לפני
Nah I only knew because I looked him up on famous birthday someone added him on it
Wide neck super fan
Wide neck super fan חודש לפני
Day 10 of asking for a Jabari Parker and Thaddeus Young 99 ovr career sim.
2018 Student Isaiah Lucky
2018 Student Isaiah Lucky חודש לפני
Day 10 of suggesting What about a What If Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were on the same team career simulation? Or a What If Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler, and Hakeem Olajuwon were on the same team for their entire career simulation? BTW: 🐐
Mario Thomas
Mario Thomas חודש לפני
Throw back team is the way do you agree
ZJ2000 חודש לפני
I was admiring how i used to have this game when i remembered to like
King Tebyous
King Tebyous חודש לפני
Day 15 Of Asking For Trae Young Career Sim A 99 Potential Sim…Make It Happen Clique Productions
vincenzo חודש לפני
Please make an all balkan team which includes Giannis, Luka, Jokić,... I predict balkan beats the whole NBA
Crableg Dinner
Crableg Dinner חודש לפני
I been subscribed since 97,000‼️
dxtremecaliber חודש לפני
woah we are on the same age? well anyways congrats on the 500k keep up the good work man!
spagettifork חודש לפני
You should play NBA 1k998 next
Amy Noel
Amy Noel חודש לפני
Day one of asking for a KG career sim
Adelante Ricky
Adelante Ricky חודש לפני
One of my fav ever games. Countless hours well spent
Micheal Adee
Micheal Adee חודש לפני
did not realize me and this man were that close in age
Jaqwon Harris
Jaqwon Harris חודש לפני
Only Real Dreams Come True
Marcus Ball
Marcus Ball חודש לפני
Yo we’re the same age? I gotta get out my parents basement
Redemption חודש לפני
Day 4 of asking of a Chrono Carrer Simulation (Shout out Samuel moreno for the idea)
Hey. חודש לפני
First 2k game I played
Dylan Haynie
Dylan Haynie חודש לפני
Oct 2001 gang
wabenzy *
wabenzy * חודש לפני
puberty hit you hard man
Ricardo Maynard Jr
Ricardo Maynard Jr חודש לפני
2k2 was a really good game for its time
Ricardo Maynard Jr
Ricardo Maynard Jr חודש לפני
Damn brought back memories while also reminding me im getting old smh
Gilberto Diaz III
Gilberto Diaz III חודש לפני
I was busy making a generous offer when you reminded me to like.
piggybankvillan חודש לפני
2003 NBA draft but LeBron was a bust
Israel Martin
Israel Martin חודש לפני
I love your videos I just skip the intro sorry.
Troll Kenobi
Troll Kenobi חודש לפני
that thumbnail's the best
nikku חודש לפני
that 2k15 clip of you is legit inspiring. glad you kept going!
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed חודש לפני
Holy hell you were born in 2002?! Thanks for making me feel old
KobeisGoated חודש לפני
YouTube name
YouTube name חודש לפני
Day 9 of asking for a clique prod career sim
yeaitsmessiah חודש לפני
Lakers used to wear white on Sunday clique
Cheems חודש לפני
Day 12 of asking a ksi career sim
Tyrek Bartley
Tyrek Bartley חודש לפני
Do the Big 3 Celtics vs the Nets. Do a reg final sim & how you usually do it
Prankster Boy
Prankster Boy חודש לפני
Day 1 of asking you to do what if Tim Duncan signed with the Magic with prime grant Hill and Tracy McGrady
Hyyer_Gaming חודש לפני
The free throw system was hard for me back in the day
Marka Fanai
Marka Fanai חודש לפני
Congrats on 500k🎉🎉
Devin Bolton
Devin Bolton חודש לפני
😂Life before LeBron
The Black Goblin
The Black Goblin חודש לפני
You should do a team simulation of all 40 overalls with 99 potential and just slap them into the league
Kaydin Clarke-Power
Kaydin Clarke-Power חודש לפני
I was Dancing to David Stern dying because he ruined the NBA then I remembered to drop a like
JustSiMoney חודש לפני
Can we get a Kareem Abdul Jabbar career sim?
Ayo_ חודש לפני
Day 1 of asking for a De’Aaron Fox career sim
pachefmike חודש לפני
I was about to put fat lever on the keto diet when you reminded me to like
Grady Miller
Grady Miller חודש לפני
day 2 of asking to do a tacko fall pg career sim
1 ROUND LEFT חודש לפני
You have a 68 overall starting and you have an 87 overall Center, and 78 overall PF on the bench, and I think you still have Artest as a reserve.
ilovejuliusrandle חודש לפני
wesley matthews asked me if he wanted to go to mcdonalds when you reminded me to like
1 ROUND LEFT חודש לפני
Lol bro I think you didn't assign Nash to your starting lineup and he's a reserve. And you got Rip on the bench and Artest as a reserve.🤦🏼‍♂️
J.A.R.V.I.S. חודש לפני
"I keep doing intentional fouls by accident" - clique productions, 2021
Angelica Rougeron
Angelica Rougeron חודש לפני
We love uuuuu
Goat ManMert
Goat ManMert חודש לפני
I was choking with Chris Paul wen u didn’t remind me yo like 😫
Baxev חודש לפני
Video idea : stacked team usa vs team Europe
Mario Pinball
Mario Pinball חודש לפני
Day 1 of asking for the worst players in a team simulation
pNilrax 28
pNilrax 28 חודש לפני
Make every team a team full of copies of their highest rated player
Void_InFuSiOn חודש לפני
Day 1 asking clique to do a career sim on him self
Crane חודש לפני
1 week of asking clique to rebuild the heat after losing in the first round
Mr goat Ware
Mr goat Ware חודש לפני
Challenge idea Go to the nba draft filter and choose from alltime and now and whatever players you get is who you put on the roster to see if they can go 82-0
Luke חודש לפני
Yo clique! Can you do a Tim Duncan and David Robinson career sim?
Damnit, Dylan
Damnit, Dylan חודש לפני
Clique is my favorite ILforr
Camp Kemp
Camp Kemp חודש לפני
This game was way better on the Dreamcast
TheEventHorizen חודש לפני
I was looking for Chris Paul's ring when you reminded me to like
AJohnson1337 חודש לפני
I need to know if he experienced the god awful free throw mechanics in this game
Fabi Segura
Fabi Segura חודש לפני
look at clique being his jubilant self so inspirational
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