GET THEM NOW! Laurens urges Europe's elite to move for Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss the potential transfers of Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland and PSG's Kylian Mbappe. Both players impressed midweek in the Champions League, Mbappe scoring a hat-trick against Barcelona, whilst Haaland scored two and made an assist in Dortmund's 3-2 win against Sevilla. Mbappe’s PSG contract has 18 months left, and despite Haaland’s release clause activating in 2022, Laurens believes this summer would be the perfect time for clubs to try and sign either player. Real Madrid are rumoured to be interested in Kylian Mbappe, a long-time admirer of the Spanish club, whilst Manchester City are looking for a permanent replacement for Sergio Aguero. Marcotti believes Lionel Messi's summer decision could make a difference to the futures of both Mbappe and Haaland and also suggests Manchester United might be better suited changing targets from Jadon Sancho to his Dortmund teammate.
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Boya Taluk
Boya Taluk חודש לפני
Anybody else suprised that Bayern Munich are not interested in Haland Bcos of their pursuit of stealing players from Dortmund in all these years
engdaa חודש לפני
But they are already with the elites. Why do every talent has to leave?
rohit yadav
rohit yadav חודש לפני
Mbappe is overrated, haaland and sancho are better than him
Ilir Sharra
Ilir Sharra חודש לפני
What th u tawlk why bvb und psg are not elite clubs
Mubarack Ibraheem
Mubarack Ibraheem חודש לפני
Haaland 20 years.. 18 ucl goals Mbappe 22 years.. 24 ucls goals They are definitely potential future ballon d’or winners
cryfier חודש לפני
If he wants to be at the best team in the world he goes to Bayern, if he wants the most money he goes to PSG or City, if he wants to go to a very prestigious club he goes to Real, if he is stupid he goes to Chelsea, Manu, Barca, Juve or any of these other clubs :D
xtraclass football analyst
xtraclass football analyst חודש לפני
Mbappe is nowhere near Haaland. Its just stupid to think so... Haaland is crazy good against anyone, Mbappe shiens against farmers and Barca defense...
bisuk hangoluan
bisuk hangoluan חודש לפני
Haaland to Bayern 2022
Kevin Bergin
Kevin Bergin חודש לפני
As a United fan it would be a dream to sign Haaland.
John Mcintosh
John Mcintosh חודש לפני
Haaland is in a great position that he will have the choice of the top clubs in Europe whenever he decides to move on I reckon if he's coming to England Man City would be ideal for him , possibly Liverpool,but I guess Real Madrid ,Bayern Munich ( Salary doubts) PSG ( FairPlay doubts) Barcelona..? And all this could depend on Messi & Mbappe moving? .
Kd Roofing
Kd Roofing חודש לפני
Mbappe is already a king
alex 1976
alex 1976 חודש לפני
If Haaland doesn't want to leave at this moment and time, he's gonna cost more than 150m, probably 200m to get him now. Both players will be where they are next season as well.
Chiranjivi Khadka
Chiranjivi Khadka חודש לפני
Holand will not join madrid because he simply would not like to share goals with Mbappe.
mumtaz haider
mumtaz haider חודש לפני
Imagine if Man City signed Mbappe,Haaland and Messi at one time next season.That would be great in the future.
Erlend K
Erlend K חודש לפני
I really hope that Haalands next step will be Real Madrid or Barcelona. Spain will continue to host the best football league.. And Haaland with his explosive force, speed and tecnique will suit both teams perfect...
Mamopy חודש לפני
IT'S TIME FOR NEW RIVALRY ERA! Messi vs Ronaldo era is done.
Prince חודש לפני
This guys have no clue how perez works wonders for Real Madrid. When Madrid wants their man, 90% of the time they get him. And madrid doesnt need to buy mbappe, they just need to wait for 2022 and he will be free. 100M is easy money for madrid who have not spent in the last 2 yrs in the transfer market.
aija eugene
aija eugene חודש לפני
Mbappe won France the World cup just remember that😂
farcyde bop
farcyde bop חודש לפני
Why this guy keeps saying Holland?
Octave חודש לפני
You're thinking old world. PSG is today's European elite. Neymar's extension is a done deal, and Mbappé just wants sporting guarantee that the team will compete at the highest level. What happened in Barcelona demonstrated they can. Real Madrid's team is aging and already won it all. Mbappé doesn't want a rebuilding project, he wants it all right now, and the best place for it is in Paris. He said he wants to triumph in Paris because that's more challenging than to triumph in Madrid or any other club with a long European story. You have to give him credit for that. He will extend for 4 years, win it all in Paris, and then sign for Madrid at 26, at the peak of his fame.
Glory Hunter
Glory Hunter חודש לפני
I'm gonna say haaland will go for city and mbappe will go for madrid
Ryan Ruffing
Ryan Ruffing חודש לפני
Haaland would do amazing at Chelsea who have a German coach with similar tactics that Haaland already knows, being in London and in the most watched league in world football in the Premiership where he can increase his brand 10 fold and be the star player for an elite club.. I say Chelsea are low key favorites come summer time :)
alex xoxx
alex xoxx חודש לפני
Laurens: Europe's elites Dortmund and psg: are we a joke to you?.
Octave חודש לפני
AceBreaker חודש לפני
Or how about they stay where they are?
raphael ostrowski
raphael ostrowski חודש לפני
Let Haland develop more in Dortmund. Other clubs are that thirsty. Guy has been there for a year only
Augustus Glupsch
Augustus Glupsch חודש לפני
Man, what blah blah blah. Haaland has only been playing for BVB for a year. And just to remind you: he chose the club voluntarily, even though almost all the top clubs in Europe wanted him. So why should he change now? By the way Julien: has Haaland now outgrown the Champions League after his countless goals? ,-) and by the way 2: Mbappe won't move either, because no club, except City, could pay him.
CEONHD חודש לפני
A team could sign mbappe for free next January.
goalazo93 חודש לפני
Majin buu and Donatello are the future of the beautiful game
bautmon חודש לפני
isnt laurens a PSG fan? why would he want mbappe to leave?
Billy Silly Gamming
Billy Silly Gamming חודש לפני
Man city can end the jadon sancho 15% sale on clause and get halland at any cost. Think they would end up getting it for 60 odd mil
George Costanza
George Costanza חודש לפני
Haaland because of his attitude and numbers in a far tougher league than ligue1. Mbappe is probably infected by the primadonna virus in psg
George Costanza
George Costanza חודש לפני
@Bungee Speaks Riiiiiight. Ligue1 is by far the league with the lowest level. Give me a break
Bungee Speaks
Bungee Speaks חודש לפני
Actually the Bundesliga is the easiest league to score goal and has the worse defense among the top 5 leagues
teleko admasu
teleko admasu חודש לפני
Lol who are the elites, only mancity is a level up for mbappe, but haaland I can understand
Manfred Türmer
Manfred Türmer חודש לפני
Nice, but besides Real and City, don't forget Bayern Munich looking for a Lewandowski follower. They always have had good contacts to Dortmund, just check where Lewandowski comes from... Haaland and Bayern is definitely a topic in German media and with his physical way to play, I think he fits much more to German or British soccer than to Spanish football.
dor azati
dor azati חודש לפני
its funny how Lauren fights the idea of Mbappe leaving to real madrid in every way and in every opportunity possible. it wont help, Mbappe will leave to real madrid.
Bughatii Lovren
Bughatii Lovren חודש לפני
Raoila is his agent I wouldn't take him even if he was 20 million
Carlito Gio
Carlito Gio חודש לפני
It's Haaland not Holland lol
michael karlsen
michael karlsen חודש לפני
They say his name correct. Haaland is not how we pronounce it in norway
Carlito Gio
Carlito Gio חודש לפני
If city or liverpool get Haaland, everyone is doomed. Anyone who buys him will win for years to come. Please come to.CFC
Michael חודש לפני
Thanks for informing us, you're the first person to point out their talents.
Frosty1979 חודש לפני
Mbappe is already at a plastic club and seeing Haaland's agent he probably will also end up at one. :(
Foxnram חודש לפני
whoever gets Haaland will make the signing of the decade.
Zahid Hasan
Zahid Hasan חודש לפני
Blue Army SW6
Blue Army SW6 חודש לפני
Haaland to Chelsea this summer 💙👍
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase חודש לפני
Anyone with working eyes: paying over 90mil for Mbappe is fucking stupid Real Madrid: hold my hundreds of millions of euros
19Bca040 Albert Mohan
19Bca040 Albert Mohan חודש לפני
Even real Madrid has no money.
Jim West
Jim West חודש לפני
Imagine signing both....
Five Hundred IQ
Five Hundred IQ חודש לפני
Imagine that not happening
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo חודש לפני
Haalands pic in the thumbnail 😅
Watson Crick
Watson Crick חודש לפני
Man city need another midfielder that can play as a striker 😂
Jon Demske
Jon Demske חודש לפני
Why would any team buy Sancho for 100+ million when you can have Haaland for less
Bungee Speaks
Bungee Speaks חודש לפני
They play different positions 🤡
Kenny Hoek
Kenny Hoek חודש לפני
Haaland's Bayern Vs Mbappe's Madrid The 2 🐐 of Clubs, the most Consistent, the only ones that don't sleep or Fall Top 2 Every All Time Lists > The European Clasico
Shelly Chanda
Shelly Chanda חודש לפני
Yep,madrid and bayern are the two Goat clubs,and very consistent
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez חודש לפני
Tbh we missed out on Seing Ronaldo and Messi together Mbappe and Haaland need to play on the same team they will build a dynasty
Haaland:exists in dortmund Bayern: hmmm, interesting
Nico Rey
Nico Rey חודש לפני
@DANIIL PRAVIN they already had their chance to buy haaland
@LUCAS 123 me too
@Ichimoku Helper yes, thats should be the priority, barca should look into their own academy players, we have a lot of young talent as well
LUCAS 123 חודש לפני
@DANIIL PRAVIN i'm barca fan
LUCAS 123 חודש לפני
OKOBA Collins
OKOBA Collins חודש לפני
Common guys City and Pep don't play with an out and out 9. City isn't the best fit for him.
Bungee Speaks
Bungee Speaks חודש לפני
Act like pep didn't play with lewa at bayern
Adjahni Thermot
Adjahni Thermot חודש לפני
Haaland would cost $100+ million. City don’t historically spend that kind of money on one player
Tim Alwi
Tim Alwi חודש לפני
Its better to pay $100 million than bought 5 players combined at the same total amounts but lacked quality. Remember Robinho, De La Cruz, Bony, Nolito etc and now Torres, all are dead woods.
Frischer Fisch
Frischer Fisch חודש לפני
@Pratik Roy You mean 124 millions per year for Messi. That’s what he is making right now.
Pratik Roy
Pratik Roy חודש לפני
Yes we don't we haven't spent more than 60 mil on one individual however we do need a natural replacement for Mum's departure if not this summer then next. It's better to spend it on him than spending it on 34 year old Messi with 24 million in wages per year.
Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp חודש לפני
Sorry mate deals already done. Mane going real Madrid. Then Salah going Barcelona. Simultaneously haaland/Mbappe coming Liverpool. Then Mbappe/haaland going Liverpool.
S7 חודש לפני
Confirmed by Rabrizio fomano
Serge Ayissi
Serge Ayissi חודש לפני
Haaland is still affordable right now... MBappe forget it!
Serge Ayissi
Serge Ayissi חודש לפני
@Julien PSG bought Mbappe from Monaco for 180M back in 2018! That's before he was a world champion with France and C1 finalist! Today at only 22 his worth tops 200M. What has Haaland ever done football-wise to being priced over Mbappe?
Julien חודש לפני
Na bro, now Haaland value tops Mbappe. Honestly both of them are in the same price range. Dortmund are smart and know the value of their player
Dennis yemi anjor
Dennis yemi anjor חודש לפני
Neither of you guys mentioned Chelsea the money bag.... y'all very disrespectful. Same you said about Werner and Havertz... oh it's real madridcor City or Bayern.... keep blabbing while every sensible sources are leaning towards Chelsea on Halaand
Glefser חודש לפני
mbappe to real, messi to psg, haaland to city.
Appy Gogoi
Appy Gogoi חודש לפני
Messi will choose Pep over Neymar and paris anyday
Aman Amendra
Aman Amendra חודש לפני
Haaland to CHELSEA 😉🙏
Nihad Nesirov
Nihad Nesirov חודש לפני
The thing is PSG and Dortmund are very different teams. Mbappe can do whatever he aims at PSG as well, all it takes to win UCL which PSG will be contender to do so. But Haaland hasn't got that option, Dortmund aren't that team which will play for the top European spot, financially speaking, because they tend to be productive kind of club, rather than consumer.
Vincent KC
Vincent KC חודש לפני
Has Haaland won the World Cup?
Demilovatosspoonplug חודש לפני
@Dag Inn sure that French team was great but MBappe was a key figure in their success
Demilovatosspoonplug חודש לפני
Haaland plays for Norway, the only other quality player they have atm is Odegaard and maybe Haller
Dag Inn
Dag Inn חודש לפני
@Vincent KC Lol, Mbappe play for France. France would have won with or with out Mbappe.
Vincent KC
Vincent KC חודש לפני
@Dag Inn that’s why Kylian overachieve them at their age.
Dag Inn
Dag Inn חודש לפני
Has Messi? Has Ronaldo? Neymar?
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName חודש לפני
Hazard Haaland Mbappe Front 3 of Real Madrid in 2022/2023 season
Sanalemba Tourangbam
Sanalemba Tourangbam 26 ימים לפני
Dreaming is free
James Harden
James Harden חודש לפני
@DANIIL PRAVIN it’s real Madrid FFP doesn’t exist
*FFP wants to know your location*
Neil Wagner
Neil Wagner חודש לפני
psg is elite tho...?
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du חודש לפני
289th comment
gaganjot singh
gaganjot singh חודש לפני
He’s coming to chelsea
cryfier חודש לפני
@K.V. agreed
K.V. חודש לפני
Absolutely no way. Man City, Bayern, or Real
Geefwee Bodoe
Geefwee Bodoe חודש לפני
Real Madrid for Haaland then he can be with Odegaard :)
Tricky חודש לפני
Jules desperately hoping Mbappe will stay in Paris🤣. Cmon bro, we all know Mbappe wants to go
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311 חודש לפני
Atleast Jules agrees that PSG not an European elite 😂
orange_ penis
orange_ penis חודש לפני
ye lol.According to u or jules theory then there should be only european elite in the world which is real madrid which is only who is bigger than psg atm but they are struggling this season themselves.
Flashkoch חודש לפני
The thing with Juls is this, he doesn't know what a player on this level would or should do. But he pretends he does. Haaland should stay in Dortmund at least for one more season under the very good coach Rose, that can only help him.
Flashkoch חודש לפני
@Yo And?! :) If he knows what's good for him and his career, he will stay.
Yo חודש לפני
@Flashkoch Haaland will certainly leave if they don’t qualify for champions next year. He even said after the interview that he dreams and loves the champions league song
Flashkoch חודש לפני
@Yo Yeah, but even IF that happends, they will play EL at least and you can't value one year playing CL against the development under a coach who knows him and a team that fits his kind of style. I hate to say it, but Rose as a coach will be a big thing for Dortmund and a lot of the young talents they have. You can mark my words. :) IF that worst case happends, Haaland is still smart enough to stay, he has a good head on his shoulders.
Yo חודש לפני
There is a really really good chance they don't qualify for Champions next year tho
Just for few days .still messi n Rinaldo best in the world .with neymar .
Eric Olvera
Eric Olvera חודש לפני
Why does mbappe have to sign a new contract? Lol. He doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to, if he wants to he bounces
Eric Olvera
Eric Olvera חודש לפני
Haaland and mbappe to Madrid
Five Hundred IQ
Five Hundred IQ חודש לפני
Not happening
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers חודש לפני
NAYCOU חודש לפני
Let him talk ! You are annoying Gab
Anurag Dandekar
Anurag Dandekar חודש לפני
Haaland > mbappe
REASON℠ חודש לפני
No CL play next season for BvB could be good enough reason for Haaland to leave if he wants to keep his flow and records coming, but one reason why Haaland may not leave Dortmund after this season is his 75 million Euro release clause that activates in 2022 (summer). Everything clubs bid over that goes directly in the pockets of Haaland/Raiola (50/50). If he continues to play and develop the way he has, clubs may easily be willing to pay much more than that. Both Haaland and Raiola could be walking away with more than 50 million each. That`s almost twice Pogba`s annual salary, and he`s the 4th highest paid in the world, and when Haaland joins his next club its fair to assume his own salary will be among the highest in the world.
Roger H Werner
Roger H Werner חודש לפני
The real question concerning Haaland is whether this fantastic striker can adapt to City's play or will Pep rebuild City's play around Haaland. Honestly, I think Harry Kane, though a much more expensive acquistion, would be a better fit for City.
Roger H Werner
Roger H Werner חודש לפני
@Chilibux Gaming why don't you try reading my points. I don't give a care what Haaland can become. He's fucking brilliant nowg. BUT can he adapt to the City style of play or does City need to reinvent itself to accommodate Haaland. Spend some time actually understanding how City has won 17 straight across legues and has not lost in 24 matches. They didn't do it by relying on one guy. My sense is that Haaland is a #9, and a great one. That's what he is. Ever see Haaland play a false 9? Or a 10? I don't think so. Anyone think to ask Haaland how he feels? I don't believe the question has even been asked. I'd also note that the Bundesliga isn't the PL. I've watched European football and it's great stuff but the PL is waaay more physical. How would that effect Erling? I don't know and neither do you. If City ponys up 70 million pounds they had better figure these things out. If Kane played for a top team like City he'd score 30 goals every year and he can play false 9, 9, and 10 without problem. He also a proven PL talent. The most recent Bundisliga talent to struggle in the PL is Timo Werner. Moving to the PL isn't as easy as driving through the Chunnel. Kane is 3 years older and would cost double Haaland. Is he worth 150 million pounds? I'm glad I don't have to figure it out.
Chilibux Gaming
Chilibux Gaming חודש לפני
Of course not!! Kane will never become the player Haaland can become. Kane is good but injuries has held him back and it will prevent him from becoming better, he has reached his limit. Haaland is 9 years younger he can become something else. I dare say he could make twice the goals he do now if he get better players around him.
Miguelito חודש לפני
Mbappé and Haland should stay in their clubs!
John Christie
John Christie חודש לפני
Did City announce Aguero leaving or something?
Dane חודש לפני
It all depends on how good he is from now until the end of the season
John Christie
John Christie חודש לפני
@Real madrid fan yeah but they’re acting like he’s 100% leaving there could be a chance he resigns
Real madrid fan
Real madrid fan חודש לפני
Contract expires this summer.
TheOne777 חודש לפני
Sancho is golf buddies with Bale I guess, he is just as good as these two players and maybe people misunderstand his body language but when he is in synch with the game showcasing his talent, he is above Haaland and just as good as Mbappe...
JohneeFizter Bottom
JohneeFizter Bottom חודש לפני
Haaland & Mbappe both to Madrid..
No way Haaland stays at BVB with no UCL, if city come calling he'll go
aymane 28 ימים לפני
@Jazz Shahid United are the rivals of his father, do you even know the history?
aymane 28 ימים לפני
Since when city is really competing for the ucl trophy? 😂 Are u man mad? They always get eaten in the quarter like a fish. Bvb will get top4 and then he can decide. At least he feels human with us. U guys talk about players like a sort of sheep, talking about the release clause, bargains ...
Mubarack Ibraheem
Mubarack Ibraheem חודש לפני
How many ucl city got?
Vamos Madridista
Vamos Madridista חודש לפני
@Pratik Roy We are buying mbappe or haaland.. after the transfer season u will know.. kid you dont know what Los Blancos is about.. and do check how many times you beloved city lost to us.. you are talking about 13 champions league winners, a club which won 4 ucls in 5 years.. other clubs can win it maybe twice in a row but do tell your city and liverpool to beat that.. you have a whole century ahead of you 😂👍
Pratik Roy
Pratik Roy חודש לפני
@Vamos Madridista Your club is irrelevant in this conversation since City is superior don't forget which club beat your shitty team both home and away.
Jauni Walters
Jauni Walters חודש לפני
City with Haaland🤯🔥
Attisha Phillips
Attisha Phillips חודש לפני
Haaland has barcelona DNA.
SUP3R Z3RO חודש לפני
The EPL should just invite Dortmund to be part of its league. They keep buying Dortmund players. Also the yellow wall is awesome.
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke חודש לפני
@Tom Odul Yes but its a risk. You are buying players who are not getting playing time and turning them into stars. Completely different secenarios.
Tom Odul
Tom Odul חודש לפני
Dortmund buys raw players from Premier league and then makes a kill so they benefit from that.
Kush Karma
Kush Karma חודש לפני
who exactly is elite?
I'm Nobody
I'm Nobody חודש לפני
That's my question exactly, if psg and Dortmund aren't elite then who?
Richard Viade
Richard Viade חודש לפני
Granada and levante
P K חודש לפני
The best option is Bayern dont go to useless clubs like chelski or city they are nothing
P K חודש לפני
@Fede Valverde its not about that bayern is bigger club than city or chelski
Fede Valverde
Fede Valverde חודש לפני
Would make sense Bayern are notorious for signing the leagues best talent.
lu pat
lu pat חודש לפני
Since man city play by their own fair play rules why don't they just buy both
Kingaoe 123
Kingaoe 123 חודש לפני
Why, they are both young and getting better. Why spend tons of money now when u can spend less later, unless you need a striker immediately.
Dane חודש לפני
Man City might need a striker immediately
REASON℠ חודש לפני
Hopefully he goes to England in the next window.
cjewelz חודש לפני
I don't recall Manchester City announcing Aguero's departure...
Pratik Roy
Pratik Roy חודש לפני
@cjewelz The thing is Kun should stay and he's a club legend but we still need to get Haaland. Simply because whether Kun stays or not Jesus isn't prime Aguero he can't do what Kun did for us as long as I remember. Kun if even gets a contract extension he would still be gone by 2022 summer.
cjewelz חודש לפני
@Rodrigo Ruiz, because City have money to spend and Barcelona do not. Suarez is not Catalan and he's not the first. Plenty of Barcelona legends have been discarded like rubbish. Anyway, my point is not about why or if City should keep him. My point was; City have not announced that he is leaving. Unless Marcotti has inside information, I would not be so sure.
Rodrigo Ruiz
Rodrigo Ruiz חודש לפני
@cjewelz look at Suarez he was a good striker and Barcelona let him go on a free. If aguero doesn’t show his worth why would you keep him. Wouldn’t city by now give him a contract? bec he is allowed to talk to any club he wants to and make a pre-contract agreement. He needs to show his worth if he gonna stay. If he plays the same has he did for the past years then he going to stay.
cjewelz חודש לפני
@Rodrigo Ruiz, do you consider 32 years to be old in 2021? Maybe you don't know that he's a club legend and the fourth highest (soon to be third highest) scorer in Premier League history. Do you think they are going to discard him just like that? Besides, a champion like him would surely want to claim that record for himself (or die trying).
cjewelz חודש לפני
@Richard Viade, yes.
Chinenye Ndulue
Chinenye Ndulue חודש לפני
Haaland's time is up at Dortmund. He's got nothing left to do there. This is the best time to move. When the stock is high!
cross platform
cross platform חודש לפני
@Sir marcus Rashford MBE yeah unlike toilet united stand that buys overpriced maguire
Raymond Willie
Raymond Willie חודש לפני
@davinnicode Hate to break it out to you but He can't sign for Bayern since There have been an agreement between Dortmund and Bayern that Bayern will no longer buy any of their star players...
YouTube Drifter
YouTube Drifter חודש לפני
@Sir marcus Rashford MBE That's obvious. But FFP stops a lot of these clubs from doing so.
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Sir marcus Rashford MBE חודש לפני
@HelloCDN they have always been a mediocre club in the shawls of Bayern
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Sir marcus Rashford MBE חודש לפני
@ILfor Drifter man shitty can afford Haaland with their oil money
Marcelo Hendrix
Marcelo Hendrix חודש לפני
i want messi at city for the next two years
Zinios Box
Zinios Box חודש לפני
Julien trying so hard to keep mbappe in psg 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zinios Box
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@shemar wilton real Madrid does not have money- building new stadium
shemar wilton
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@Zinios Box Real madrid people been saying he wants to play at real i think he should
Zinios Box
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@shemar wilton but where?
shemar wilton
shemar wilton חודש לפני
He's gonna leave this summer i'm telling you
Slimshady Ince
Slimshady Ince חודש לפני
Haaland with man city is just unfair
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele חודש לפני
The lazy media at it again.
Moses Tekper
Moses Tekper חודש לפני
Exactly. The so called pundits are only result based analyst.
LUCAS 123 חודש לפני
Masri Mus
Masri Mus חודש לפני
PSG is an ELITE club now.
bob fredricks
bob fredricks חודש לפני
People complaining about the comparisons are not thinking of the fact that no other players in the world at this level are performing this well at this age since our football gods landed from outer space
Guillaume R
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The scary thing is, at the same age, Mbappé and Haaland stats are even better than Messi's and Ronaldo's were, does not matter the competition. The question is, are they going to improve, and are they going to maintain that for as long as the 2 legends... Which is actually the hardest part. The future will tell, but it looks exiting
KarltonJ חודש לפני
Jules freaking
shubham chauhan
shubham chauhan חודש לפני
Indirectly he is saying psg and Dortmund is not european elite. 😅
Jammu חודש לפני
Which is wild because they both clearly are
orange_ penis
orange_ penis חודש לפני
@Olivier Roy ye lol.
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy חודש לפני
Maybe bvb
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy חודש לפני
They aren’t
Disaster Artist
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If i were Dortmund Even when a Club likes to pay over 200 Million i wouldn't sell
I hala madrid
I hala madrid חודש לפני
And lose him for 75 mil next yr??😂😂
Rahul Kumar
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Then u don't understand finance my friend.
Fernando Abello
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