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In today’s Euro Transfer Talk we take you around the continent in search of the hottest transfer news and gossip. Naturally, we start with the news that Dayot Upamecano will be a Bayern Munich player next season after they meet RB Leipzig’s release clause. That’s not it for Bayern though, as they have all but completed a deal to sign Reading full back Omar Richards, and Max Aarons of Norwich could be headed to the Bundesliga soon too.
Aymeric Laporte has been in the cold at Manchester City recently, and with Real Madrid set to lose Sergio Ramos, Los Blancos are keeping an eye on the situation developing at the Etihad. Barcelona are still on Erling Haaland’s coattails, whilst Real Socieded striker Alexander Isak is also on the shortlist.
Our headline sees us go to Arsenal, who are linked with Sporting wonderkid Tiago Tomas, a permanent move for Dani Ceballos and a cut-price Odsonne Edouard - if they make all those deals, it will set them back just £60M. Genarro Gattuso could be sacked with one more bad result at Napoli, and Inter Milan have made a bizarre proposal to Chelsea - they’ll take Jorginho if Christian Eriksen heads to Stamford Bridge. Enjoy!


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DzNtzRonFyre 21 יום לפני
Ramsey plus cash for pogba. 4za juve
La steppa Jesse
La steppa Jesse חודש לפני
I assure to you guys That striker will be a big name at Arsenal
tia lkr
tia lkr חודש לפני
2 many wonder kid in Arsenal lol . We need a good future striker replacement for Abu !
Joynal Iftekhar
Joynal Iftekhar חודש לפני
We need a combative centre half who’s commanding also we need a box to box midfielder I wouldn’t mind sanches from lille but my first option is Aouar
Uchiha Reezy
Uchiha Reezy חודש לפני
I'll take Edouard.. Not too sure about Ceballos
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy חודש לפני
Such a waste of 60 mil if they do that Tomas could be good but I’d rather try going for grealish,isak, Toney, DCL with that money instead
Lakak Hahaha
Lakak Hahaha חודש לפני
Arsenal need to buy PROVEN players!
Lesego Segole
Lesego Segole חודש לפני
Arsenal are linked with good players but they are not what we need. We need a defender and a defensive midfielder
Milan Gees Pedersen
Milan Gees Pedersen חודש לפני
Jamin Mambo
Jamin Mambo חודש לפני
Sell laca, buy Edouard, buy ødegaard, bring back Matteo.
Kris Horst
Kris Horst חודש לפני
Would rather have Balogun than Edouard thanks!
Terry Stokley
Terry Stokley חודש לפני
As an Arsenal fan I want Odegaard signed permanently, and Haaland or Aoura.
Kwayv LDN
Kwayv LDN חודש לפני
There is no way in hell that we are getting Haaland. And tbh, with our current state, we would ruin him if we signed him
Matt Mane
Matt Mane חודש לפני
I don't mind Ceballos but we shouldn't spend on a position that should be covered (& upgraded) by Guendouzi returning. Use the cash elsewhere. If Laca is to be sold, Edouard would be a great addition because it should be a net financial gain plus a youthful addition
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt חודש לפני
Take Guendouzi and Torreira back from Loan instead, and try secure Ødegaard instead
SDM 11
SDM 11 חודש לפני
bring back guendouzi, dont get ceballos, buy ödegard
SDM 11
SDM 11 חודש לפני
@Alright Fella i like ur name haha
Ace360x .MLG
Ace360x .MLG חודש לפני
I think Arsenal may be able to get him but it'll be for a hefty price tag given his age and talent
SDM 11
SDM 11 חודש לפני
@Tim Jim zidane + ödegaard= bad chemestry
SDM 11
SDM 11 חודש לפני
@Tim Jim but ödegaard went on loan because zidane didn't want to play him so ödegaard can request for a sell because of this reason
Tim Jim
Tim Jim חודש לפני
@SDM 11 well kroos is 31 and modric is 35 Odegaard is 22 and plays a similar position to both
Rui Martins
Rui Martins חודש לפני
20 millions? For Tiago Tomás? This surely must be a joke 🤣🤣🤣
Jorginho has 2 goals under tuchel you idiots
Vu Thanh Truong
Vu Thanh Truong חודש לפני
Arsenal should buy Aron and Buendia asap.Two excellent players surely will plays good at Arsenal.
Iliaz חודש לפני
arsenal going full football manager
Alex Gærtner
Alex Gærtner חודש לפני
Odsonne Edouard is everything we need in a striker, really really hope that deal goes through. Him and Tierney could recreate their relationship at celtic at the emirates!
Connor חודש לפני
Your welcome 🍀💚
Cam twister97
Cam twister97 חודש לפני
Eduoard and Ceballos would be great signings then get 1 or 2 more players in and that could be a decent window looking at defensive option ideally
Ace360x .MLG
Ace360x .MLG חודש לפני
I do not want to keep Ceballos myself. I liked him a lot before but he's not really needed and with his age he'll surely want to be a starter which he won't be for Arsenal
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Carvalho חודש לפני
Don't think Tiago Tomás is going to leave Sporting but if he does, whoever picks him up is taking one hell of a player. Don't let his numbers fool you, he is insane at opening the oppontent's defense, he's an absolute work horse and he's one of the smartest 18yo stikers around. Best of luck to him!
Shadow Football
Shadow Football חודש לפני
Chelsea won't sell Jorginho, him and Kovacic is such a good midfield pair and I don't see Tuchel straying away from that at the moment
El compa AMLO
El compa AMLO חודש לפני
jorginho is nowhere near a good midfielder
Upamecano was exposed against LFC!!
Finn the Artist
Finn the Artist חודש לפני
I think 22 million for Ceballos sounds good, he's a solid player. But the money that is gonna go towards Tomas and Edouard should go towards Ødegaard. At the moment Lacazette and Aubameyang are good strikers and their replacements don't really need to be adressed this summer if they stay. The striker question is something for the summer of 2022.
Junior Mac Donald
Junior Mac Donald חודש לפני
Ideal swap?? Ok Mbappe n haaland
kkurzeid חודש לפני
"Arsenal ready to spend..." Kroenke: "we don't have the funds"
Marcus Sky
Marcus Sky 21 יום לפני
@Hunt3r -_- You mean Africa’s Richest man🤔
Hunt3r -_-
Hunt3r -_- 21 יום לפני
@Marcus Sky oh whoops dangote my mistake and if u don’t know who he is, try and learn some knowledge about Africa
Marcus Sky
Marcus Sky 21 יום לפני
@Hunt3r -_- who’s dagote😂😂🥴
Hunt3r -_-
Hunt3r -_- חודש לפני
Pascho חודש לפני
Overpaying for Jared Goff and ozil 🤦‍♂️
Henrique Machado
Henrique Machado חודש לפני
Tomas is classsssssssssss
Asli חודש לפני
The Arsenal board really doesn't want to win the EPL or qualify for the UCL anytime soon.
E _
E _ חודש לפני
Nash The Real Deal
Nash The Real Deal חודש לפני
I’ll take all of them but not dani if aour is available I say go all in plus if lacca and Eddie leave I’m sure we can sign the rest I’m just now keen of dani unless he play world class every game I’m for him but for now no
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas חודש לפני
Edouard is so underrated. Arsenal should sign edouard, bissouma and hakimi in summer. And bring back guendouzi
Bradley Dunlop
Bradley Dunlop חודש לפני
The way he pronounced readings stadium is shocking
BakedandHectic חודש לפני
Eriksen was Absolutely Underappreciated and Wasted at Spurs.
FPL Asssist
FPL Asssist חודש לפני
He was the only that dribble the ball with calmness
Walnutness חודש לפני
£57M ???? you sure its not £5.70?????
Saw Hotz
Saw Hotz חודש לפני
Who told you that Ceballos is a wonderkid......smh🤦‍♂️
cogamers84 חודש לפני
If he was 19 I still wouldn’t be calling him a wonder kid. Championship standard at best
paulyk81 חודש לפני
It's not called the San Paulo anymore lads
Mercy_ pets farm
Mercy_ pets farm חודש לפני
again french cf player stupid arteta ....
Martin McCluskey
Martin McCluskey חודש לפני
From a Celtic fan eddy is gonna leave this year unfortunately but I hope that he gose to arsenal he fits the style of play and after KT success a hope he gose to them I still don’t no y tho they don’t look at mussa dembelle also from Lyon he’s ovo not in there plans if they are loaning him out eddy n dembelle would b a great young strike force
Samukelo Gumede
Samukelo Gumede חודש לפני
Barcelona is literally the worst run club in Europe right now. How can you buy someone when you are in Debt.
Stum חודש לפני
Someone who has only scored 15 in a really poor league like SPL is not right for Arsenal...
Zeus Adolphus
Zeus Adolphus חודש לפני
@Stum Nah, the dumb Celtic fan who thinks his club can't sell to "tin pot clubs" like Arsenal and the sort, which might I add even Brendan Rogers was sick of that club and went to Leicester
Stum חודש לפני
@Zeus Adolphus ?
Zeus Adolphus
Zeus Adolphus חודש לפני
Go beat St. Mirren if you wanna talk lad 😂
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris חודש לפני
@Stum not so much now. mate ur club hasn’t had top 4 since leicester won the league. ur team has fallen off major. ur not even a top 6 team in england anymore
Stum חודש לפני
@Oliver Harris Sure there has been good players there before, but not so much now. Also, there are lots of examples of not very good clubs selling good players. That does bot make the club good though
Jojo חודש לפני
I prefer arsenal sign another world class rb but seeing arteta loves bellerin smh that seems to be a problem
Aashrutya Pradhananga
Aashrutya Pradhananga חודש לפני
4:40 - Arsenal.
Kieran Hall
Kieran Hall חודש לפני
Jorginho has scored for chelsea under tuchel Zak hour a chelsea fan should know this
Jaden Odama
Jaden Odama חודש לפני
Laporte is staying at city 🤩💙
tom brown
tom brown חודש לפני
arsenal and not thrilled with any of those names but tbh ceballos doesnt represent value for money id rather try get odegard
hinu hinan
hinu hinan חודש לפני
@tom brown dude. What do you expect. We're a mid table club now. Mid table team on champions League wages. We've been out of champions League for years now so reduced revenues. We've not sold well at all. Most of our big signings have been flops so we've made a loss there too. So stop kidding yourself. We need 4-5 first team players. And we're not gonna sign mbappe, haaland, bentencur, upamecano and hakimi. We can't afford half that. So I think this is actually a good strategy. Look for cheap bargains that has the potential to step up and be great like Tierney, Leno, guendouzi, martinelli. Worst case scenario, we get a squad player that we can recoup 80% of what we paid for. I don't agree on signing ceballos for 25, maybe 15. But Eduard for 15 is a steal. And the Portuguese kid looks like bags of potential. So be realistic, finally we're moving the right way. Instead of spending 50 and 72 million on 30 mill players. Or spending 30 on 10m players.
tom brown
tom brown חודש לפני
@Oliver Harris if your a celtic fan it sounds like your going without winning that easy league for a tenth year in a row and that's why we're offered him on a cheap 😉 👍
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris חודש לפני
don’t worry edouard is bigger than ur tinpot club and will go to a team with european football 👍
Tristan Olsen
Tristan Olsen חודש לפני
That love you at the end tho💙
William Barratt
William Barratt חודש לפני
Beg Aston Villa sign edouard we have been linked with him for 3 seasons when they wanted 50m now they only want 15 we should bite
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris חודש לפני
@Chinese Prince ur right except the part he’s bigger than a tinpot clubs like arsenal and villa who don’t get european football. he’s also not forcing a move and we have known for a long time he’s going in summer, hence don’t need to panic and cash out
Chinese Prince
Chinese Prince חודש לפני
@Oliver Harris it's a business at the end of the day, the guys not going to sign a new deal so they need to cash out before he leaves on a free, I feel the same way as an arsenal fan, we had a great January although we let players leave for free but previously with the likes of Ramsey or mykitarian we should've cahsed out but let go
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris חודש לפני
he’s bigger than villa and ur no getting him for anywhere near 15 mil
Chinese Prince
Chinese Prince חודש לפני
I don't think villa would, watkins is a great striker for you guys, obviously squad depth is key but I don't see villa playing 2 strikers, it would halt devolopment of other talents you guys have
Troy Annells
Troy Annells חודש לפני
Juventus to steal the signing of depay.
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone חודש לפני
Jorginho has scored 2 Pens?????
Grumpy Cat597
Grumpy Cat597 חודש לפני
Any news about Adama Traore?
X Saber
X Saber חודש לפני
Jorginho scored 2 goals uneder Tuchel
slenderbc07 29 ימים לפני
@El compa AMLO Defensive midfielders dont need to score goals. It need to setup goals and defend.
El compa AMLO
El compa AMLO 29 ימים לפני
@slenderbc07 expect that some defensive midfielders have at least a 0.05 goal to game ratio
slenderbc07 29 ימים לפני
@El compa AMLO He is a defensive midfielder and you're saying that he is overrated because of 2 goals being penalties? Then all the goalkeepers are overrated, since none actually scores goals.
El compa AMLO
El compa AMLO חודש לפני
and both of them have been penalties. overrated
El Gnout
El Gnout חודש לפני
Bayern board must have some dirt on the other bundesliga teams or something. It's one thing to raid the rest of the league for talent but another to get them at a steal.
TrueChaosMulala חודש לפני
Bayern are the best at getting talent for absurdly low prices
Josh Rumble
Josh Rumble חודש לפני
I'm sure Arsenal is using the same wonderkid shortlist I am using for FM21
John Stew
John Stew חודש לפני
We need to make sure we can keep Balogun as well I would say sell nketiah
Reuben Fashola
Reuben Fashola חודש לפני
@Seyie Su I thought the same with emile, especially after that loan to the bundesliga but he came back better, yh Eddie is a little older but he could still come good, and balogun is highly unlikely to stay
Seyie Su
Seyie Su חודש לפני
@Reuben Fashola Eddie is hardly decent, he is medicore. Sell Eddie, extend Balagonj and send him on loan.
Reuben Fashola
Reuben Fashola חודש לפני
I'd say extend his contract and put him on loan for year to like a Brighton or something, especially since it looks likely balogun will leave, we need a decent young homegrown ST
trt trtson
trt trtson חודש לפני
As an arsenal fan, our season is fked. And honestly we've had many bad years now. If we sign young players and have another 3 bad years to then get 7 or so good ones. I'll take it
trt trtson
trt trtson חודש לפני
@Kwayv LDN well yeah for now but I meant in 2-3 years I wanna be top 2
Kwayv LDN
Kwayv LDN חודש לפני
@trt trtson we have to take it step by step, because there is a lot more competition these days, even Leicester are seen as title contenders
trt trtson
trt trtson חודש לפני
@Josh Morris I'm talking top 2 m8. It's time to get back into the title race this is getting long. You can see troopz tripping from day one he came to AFTV haha
Josh Morris
Josh Morris חודש לפני
Fax, id take no european football if it means we can contend for top 4 in 2 or so seasons
trt trtson
trt trtson חודש לפני
@Gundit News Nha I'll stick with my boy Robbie at AFTV. You haven't posted in 3 months and the other channels videos are mad long
DaKid Biscuit
DaKid Biscuit חודש לפני
Dno what wonder kids are 25 years old
Shiro Hige
Shiro Hige חודש לפני
@hinu hinan That's a special case 😅
hinu hinan
hinu hinan חודש לפני
Shiro Hige
Shiro Hige חודש לפני
Just remember, everyone is a wonderkid. So that we can about them more, because they are wonderkids. That term is so damn useless. That by the side, maybe Ceballos would be a good shout, because he already knows the club. Though if he can't replace Xhaka, than there might be better options out there.
Deepak Samson
Deepak Samson חודש לפני
Manor Solomon, Edouard, RB and a CB all Arsenal need ❤️
J K חודש לפני
Vestergaard quality CB and PL proven
Samuel Love
Samuel Love חודש לפני
As a Chelsea fan, we want Jorginho not Eriksen
TheIncredibleMk חודש לפני
Buy Edouard Go for a different Winger or at least £10-£15 Sell Dani only because he's heavily inconsistent
Ivan Juarez
Ivan Juarez חודש לפני
we can’t sell Ceballos...
JK10 FAC חודש לפני
Eduard is a quality player
Alistair L
Alistair L חודש לפני
Really hope Arsenal sign Edouard. 15m is a bargain for a class young striker. Also means that Laca could be sold for a good amount as well
Ace360x .MLG
Ace360x .MLG חודש לפני
We got Tierney for 25mil so 20mil wouldn't be ridiculous for Edouard, people seem to be forgetting that COVID is going to devalue transfers a good bit
WazTee7 חודש לפני
@Oliver Harris Yes because you are a Cetlic's insider...
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris חודש לפני
@Alistair L u havnt had top 4 since 15/16 son. off ur high horse. ur teams shite.
Alistair L
Alistair L חודש לפני
​@Oliver Harris I would rather have zero European trophies instead of having 1 and then selling my best players every couple of years. There was a reason Kieren Tierney moved to us wasn't there?
Phil East
Phil East חודש לפני
@Oliver Harris i think its 15 because his contract is running down, not much Celtic can do at this point unless you lose him for less or nothing in 6 months time
Duncan Walter
Duncan Walter חודש לפני
I don't see Chelsea giving Jorginho up for Eriksen. Tuchel likes him a lot more than lampard did. The 20mil added on would help but still unsure about it
Elajt550 חודש לפני
110% sure Omar is not moving to Bayern.
Elajt550 חודש לפני
@Icewallowcome 1 Spoke with the Man about a week ago.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 חודש לפני
He already did
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo חודש לפני
Was waiting for new upload
Martim Correia
Martim Correia חודש לפני
Hey Football Daily its Liga Nos not LaLiga Nos stop assuming Portuguese people are Spaniards were not were Portuguese from Portugal a neighborhood country in Europe
Tito During
Tito During חודש לפני
I wish a super oil rich sheikh would purchase Dortmund.
Caméron Jàmes
Caméron Jàmes חודש לפני
Ahhh Jesus why don't we just spend some money on a decent manager. Arteta cant be trusted to raise the profile of the club.
shubham chauhan
shubham chauhan חודש לפני
Get a life man..
Viggo Martinsson
Viggo Martinsson חודש לפני
I agree, I want allegri!
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane חודש לפני
42 mil? For Upamecano? Man United would have easily paid minimum 60 mil. Damn Bayern are just a fantastic club. Lose Alaba, sign Upamecano.
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane חודש לפני
@Icewallowcome 1 then it makes even less sense United couldn't get him signed, if anything that should even more how bad United are.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 חודש לפני
It was a release clause you clown
Nye Russel
Nye Russel חודש לפני
Edouard would be a quality signing imo young and replacement for laca as well
Gibral Haiza
Gibral Haiza חודש לפני
Son Heung-min So did van dijk
Deepak Samson
Deepak Samson חודש לפני
@upthegooners Arteta have something in his mind. He is hell bent on getting Edouard as a replacement for Laca
upthegooners חודש לפני
ivan toney would be a better option still young and has 23 goals and 9 assists in the championship, a more similar league to the prem then the spfl
Deepak Samson
Deepak Samson חודש לפני
@Алексей Федоров Simeone is hell bent on to get Laca. Arsenal board are looking for encashing him and getting Edouard. We could also get a new CB too
Алексей Федоров
Алексей Федоров חודש לפני
Laca doesn’t need a replacement. He will continue to be superior player then Eduard for 2+ years. So disrespected...
Navarre Richards
Navarre Richards חודש לפני
Ceballos is not a wonder kid lmao hes like 24
Drew Yatess
Drew Yatess חודש לפני
@Unknown G lol, i wouldn’t call ceballos b tec kovacic, completely different players
Unknown G
Unknown G חודש לפני
Navarre Richards ceballos isn't "wonder" at all he is just a b tec kovacic
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min חודש לפני
Dembele is 23 😱 ,he also not a wonder kid
Drew Yatess
Drew Yatess חודש לפני
i agree but still young and teachable
EuroExpert חודש לפני
I am a big fan of Dortmunds striker "hal and"
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra חודש לפני
Why does bait wheel me in so quickly? I have to work on being less gullible
Abz The Dabz
Abz The Dabz חודש לפני
Thoughts on El-Neysri? West Ham have had very strong links with him and he seems to be our top target.
Dhruv S
Dhruv S חודש לפני
@Abz The Dabz stop overrating "pl lure " lol . No rational player would leave UCL football just to play at an average side in the pl
khal odetunde
khal odetunde חודש לפני
@Kyle Newton he’s 23 it’s this is usually when players really make their name
Abz The Dabz
Abz The Dabz חודש לפני
@Warrick Trusler Better wages and the lure of PL football could mean he joins
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min חודש לפני
And his only 23!
Warrick Trusler
Warrick Trusler חודש לפני
Dunno mate he's flying high and playing champions league football...myt not wonna join even if u qualify for europa
SakaNelli Hive
SakaNelli Hive חודש לפני
Wonder kids ??? Ceballos????? He’s a squad player at best loool
cogamers84 חודש לפני
A player arsenal need to move on if they want to improve
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily חודש לפני
Arsenal fans would you be pleased with Edouard, Ceballos and Tiago Tomas for £57m?! (Doug)
E _
E _ חודש לפני
demonoid חודש לפני
@F Y you've been living under a rock, right?
Lachlan Champley
Lachlan Champley חודש לפני
Swap out ceballos for ødegaard and I’d be happy with that
MrHarrisonCarnaby חודש לפני
Edouard yes, for Ceballos im leaning towards no, first I'm hearing about Tiago Tomas
Martim Correia
Martim Correia חודש לפני
Well See if they can cut it Tomas is young and Edouard is good and Ceballos sucks
Subhodeep Samanta
Subhodeep Samanta חודש לפני
comment 👍
ChEaH חודש לפני
David Sjöstedt
David Sjöstedt חודש לפני
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi חודש לפני
Is there any news on jules kounde
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi חודש לפני
@Threets Aderex who else wants him
Threets Aderex
Threets Aderex חודש לפני
@mustafa abdullahi he would rather come to a club that has won 3 trophies in the last 4 years
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi חודש לפני
@Milly Mahinra yh
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi חודש לפני
@Threets Aderex penandes? Ik yur a hater but cmon man he has like 5 pens this season he would come to us
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra חודש לפני
@Icewallowcome 1 just think Barcelona can do better,that's all.
C.Peasy חודש לפני
G A חודש לפני
A E חודש לפני
Thumbnail 😂
kevrunnthat חודש לפני
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