Are Spanish Clubs Falling Behind the European Elite in the UCL? | The Dominance Cycle

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With the poor performances as of late from Spanish clubs in the Champions League, it’s worth considering if La Liga giants Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are falling behind at the continental level. Barca have had multiple embarrassments recently, while Real Madrid have crashed out early - by their own standards at least.
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James Ruscheinski
James Ruscheinski 24 ימים לפני
Mostly cycle / transition. Could adapt Spanish style to changes in game.
marc roddis
marc roddis 27 ימים לפני
I believe that Spanish dominance was fueled by doping. Doping testing has been tightened up more in Spain in recent years.
Gybrush Thriftwood
Gybrush Thriftwood חודש לפני
How about a video about the decline of the Russian league?
Nls Drf
Nls Drf חודש לפני
Barca will destroy psg and make a new remontada
germano girardelli
germano girardelli חודש לפני
Let's not forget Sevilla slightly robbed inter Milan in the EL final, so I wouldn't count that victory as proof of "la liga's might"
Frosty1979 חודש לפני
To Sevilla. If you win the Europaleague, you reached rank 17 that season in Europe.
Vince Gonzalez
Vince Gonzalez חודש לפני
The GoT quote is pretty accurate. UCL is so cyclical, which is why I hate it when people use it to talk about the best leagues. Last season people would say things like "How can you say PL and La Liga are the top leagues, when the semis were from France and Germany?" even though a single year's results are hardly indicative of the overall quality of the league. I'm sure the Spanish teams will be back where they belong, but it may be a few years.
Jens C. H.
Jens C. H. חודש לפני
A mini doc about el Classico of the 2010’s would be fantastic, I my opinion some of the best football matches I modern time
MR Amillio
MR Amillio חודש לפני
Why dont people talk about the real madrid champions league 3peat like i feel like they are highly underrated
Brett Thielen
Brett Thielen חודש לפני
This is an easy answer. It’s a natural cycle. If another league other than England had as much money for all the clubs they would be on the up as well. Also when talking about Barcelona if any other team had won a CL and also been to as many Seminfinals in a row like them they would be considered the best team in Europe. Barcelona like other Spanish teams suffer from their own success and most fans of like the prem teams and Bundesliga teams are jealous and so they call Spain trash even though they would love that much success
ivann.11 חודש לפני
Real Madrid or any other team should take notes on this. Most la liga teams cant handle being counter attack so often. Sevilla and Barca for example couldn’t handle it and atl Madrid mistake but they were playing so boring and defensive also RM got lucky that Atlanta got a red card so early and couldn’t counter attack like how they would love to.
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox חודש לפני
The gaping rutabaga relevantly screw because raft expectably face unto a condemned comfort. chilly, naughty stepson
Julian Holesch
Julian Holesch חודש לפני
Premier League will never fall behind cause they have the sheiks on their side
NG23 חודש לפני
The Ronaldo affect
raiden sergi
raiden sergi חודש לפני
La liga is in really economical crisis. Im athletic bilbao fan, the best club in the finance situation but its rebuilding the team. Barcelona is one of the big with the worst situation in its history, enourmous debt, salaries paid by the goverment etc...
Justin Jarrett
Justin Jarrett חודש לפני
The lure of the English Premier League is another factor.
TheViik חודש לפני
I watch la liga a lot. In the last two or three years, teams like Sevilla and Atletico have been improving. It is just that Barcelona and Real Madrid are becoming weaker. But that's just temporary, they will be back.
Teis חודש לפני
Would love to se u as a guest appearance on the football day podcast: Extra Time
Si Jonggor
Si Jonggor חודש לפני
la liga still the best in both uefa competitions king of champion league Real madrid king of uefa europa league Sevila
Alan Fox
Alan Fox חודש לפני
Alan Shields Hamilton South Lanarkshire Scotland. I would say La Liga clubs are starting to fall behind but for me I would say I can see signs the same is starting to happen to English clubs as well though it's much more of a gradual process in England due to T.V money. If any League is on an upward curve at this time it's Serie A. German club out with Bayern have major financial issues brewing in the background as well just look at Schalke 04 , V.F.B Stuttgart, Werder Bremen & Hamburger S.V for prof. Personally been watching a lot of the Leagues in South American there is much more of a level playing field in many South American Leagues in comparison to Europe in Brazil in particular greedy players are going to end up killing football in Europe in the near future with help from the pandemic the eay things are going. And this European Super League if it's a closed shop in the way Sports are in North America then football will die in Europe with only fans out with Europe interested in sutch a League Empty Stadium would become a normal thing if this happens.
lil uzi
lil uzi חודש לפני
Pace, aggression, and fast counter attacking is counteracting Spain’s possession type football
raiden sergi
raiden sergi חודש לפני
But spanish youth players are going outside. Its impossible to make a team if the best player are going to other countries.
Samuel חודש לפני
The sad reality is, that La Liga is not only shit in the UCL but also as a League itself. Few goals per game, slow Football, boring title race between two struggling teams and a dominant Atletico, if they don't throw it. Now compare that to France and Italy and besides the title race to Germany and England. La Liga is right now the most boring of the Top 5 and they don't even have all the best players in the world to conceal their boring style of Football. The only team in La Liga that plays modern Football is Granada.
Rijo Sam
Rijo Sam חודש לפני
Nope. It's more of a different problem within the team that lead to PSG hammering Barca. That's lazy criticism imo no offense. The same problems which has been there for quite some time. Like pressing for example, poor positional play is another one. But the problems you mentioned are among them of course.
Javier חודש לפני
I don't think atletico is not going to go far... their injuries, coronavirus infections of more than half of the squad, the English team going after Trippier and leaving the team crippled on the right side, the disappearance of Joao, how referees seem to be going after them (they are the team with the least tackles and yet have the most yellow cards), how the ball doesn't seem to want to go inside the stupid goal, small defensive mistakes they started doing and how inefficient they have been in attack lately doesn't leave a lot of hope for them. In the last match against Levante they shot 20 times, hit the post 2 times, Levante got a ridiculous lucky fluke goal hitting 2 defenders, there was a no goal that from a supposedly foul from Suarez that never existed and a penalty do Oblack in the last minute of the match that was never even shown in the VAR and ended up causing the second goal from Levante with an empty net....
Javier חודש לפני
I think it comes down to immigration. The French, German and English league have more African players than the Spanish league. These players grow up in that culture and get to develop amazing skills that lacked before and retain the great physicality they have because of natural selection caused by slavery.
Javier חודש לפני
@Gontrand Jojo No I'm pretty sure most of the European powers (Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Italy, etc) had colonies in Africa and enslaved all the people in them. This is why a lot of places in Africa speak the same languages as their European counterparts too. You add all of these to how close Morocco and Spain are and you have the perfect way for immigrants to cross the border and get to Europe. Even if Portugal, Spain and Italy have "secret" treaties with the Pirates of Somalia to stop any unauthorized boats before they get to EU waters
Gontrand Jojo
Gontrand Jojo חודש לפני
Slavery? Black that were enslaved are in the Americas, not Africa (or maybe you were talking about Africans enslaving each others).
Sreekanth A.N
Sreekanth A.N חודש לפני
The reason why Premier League is the best is that they have the best minds as coaches,probably all the best coaches in the world is in the Premier League
jejgls7878 חודש לפני
I think football is a mind thing atleti will beat chelsea because they are currently first which gives them confidence
jejgls7878 חודש לפני
yes its natural for example serie a after 2010 and now they are back being the best league in the world like serie a they‘ll come back
Rajnandan Dhok
Rajnandan Dhok חודש לפני
When Ronaldo left laliga Laliga started to decline
Rajnandan Dhok
Rajnandan Dhok חודש לפני
@Paul Dirisu no way
Paul Dirisu
Paul Dirisu חודש לפני
Since neymar
Uyiosa Igiehon
Uyiosa Igiehon חודש לפני
Cristiano was holding the league together.
Mouraleys חודש לפני
Me: "hey, have you seen the game last night?" classic Ronaldo fan: "CR7" me: "ummm yes he played well but what about the performances of the rest of the squad?" Ronaldo fan: "CR7"
Aronai Racks It
Aronai Racks It חודש לפני
La Liga falls serie a rise. Premier League falls Bundesliga rise.
Gontrand Jojo
Gontrand Jojo חודש לפני
And Ligue 1 remains crap, that doesn't change (but at least now we have 1 team that can compete, before it was 0 XD).
Aaron Stevenson
Aaron Stevenson חודש לפני
More of a cycle than barometer, but they are failing.
KingJason13 חודש לפני
amirhossein mobarakabadi
amirhossein mobarakabadi חודש לפני
Keep Pep for 4 more years and the next Euro/WWC will be Englands
Cal Irons
Cal Irons חודש לפני
Right now the Premier League & Serie A are the strongest leagues but hey it waxes and wanes. The Bundesliga & La Liga have been the strongest at various points in history
J Cardenas
J Cardenas חודש לפני
Lets gooooo Adrian. Good stuff as always
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre חודש לפני
Its the cycle, the last generation was golden, now Spain will be cycling back, the one thing thats been consistent this season for spanish side, is the potency or speed of their football, they have been getting outpaced lately, perhaps due to covid and not being able to properly pre season, well see next season.
Dr. Spekulatius Realitaet
Dr. Spekulatius Realitaet חודש לפני
Covid / missing pre season is affecting all leagues. Pretty much all of the teams, which have been in the champions league round of 16 last summer, are struggeling.
Saptrishi G
Saptrishi G חודש לפני
Even in Indian Super League non-spanish player are doing better from last 2 seasons , English , Brazil and now Australian players are all in talks , Spanish style of play has just come down
johnnyk sar
johnnyk sar חודש לפני
I feel the Spanish FA would make sure Real Madrid get Mbappe and Barcelona get Haaland, since Messi would be leaving in the summer and Ronaldo has already left, the Spanish league need both Mbappe and Haaland for marketing and world views. and to kick-start another cycle of the future two worlds best
roberto delrio
roberto delrio חודש לפני
It is, the seria a was once the best league in the world n now is considered a farmers league. It's a cycle they all peak n then collapse. The premier league is who dominates now. It might be because all the money all the teams got for that TV deal. Unlike in Spain that Barcelona and real get the biggest Chuck of their TV deal.
Dean's Life
Dean's Life חודש לפני
La liga quality as dropped, a below par Madrid team and a Barcelona in transition with one of the poorest starts on record are both back in the hunt for the title as Atletico are slipping now and it just shows how the quality overall is dropping that Barca or Madrid will still likely win the league...... to put it another way if Frankfurt were in La Liga this season, I think they'd win it. Bundesliga as stepped up and La Liga as dropped off
A. K. London
A. K. London חודש לפני
VAR bro... VAR.... those idiots without VAR got away with everything.
Football Drama
Football Drama חודש לפני
hey , Sevilla won the Europa league last year, what is your problem
Nathan Gittens
Nathan Gittens חודש לפני
It’s a transition
Nathan Gittens
Nathan Gittens חודש לפני
La liga has actually gotten a lot stronger also the goal keepers and defense up there game in the smaller clubs
Chris Manocheh
Chris Manocheh חודש לפני
Great video. But I have to bring up one very important point that you stated that is dramatically off-Seria A has beyond doubt regained its status as the strongest and most competitive league in the world. The EPL is now #2, and La Liga is right behind. The Bundesliga has significantly dropped in quality over the past few years and are now #4, with France following behind. This is vital to your video and is a very important shift in Europe. It’s been more than a decade since Serie A was the highest quality league in the world, with La Liga being on top for most of the interim. But Italian clubs adjusted to the financial impact that caused the drop in quality. Italian Clubs like Atalanta, AC Milan, Lazio, Sassuolo and many more have become the best run clubs in the world, and are the best at finding and recruiting the elite talent that the biggest clubs in Europe in other leagues are attempting to purchase at exponential frequency. But Italian clubs are no longer selling talent like they were a few years ago. The best talent is now in Italy-90% of the players are in Serie A that Man City, Liverpool, PSG, Manchester United, Barcelona etc etc are constantly attempting to buy. There’s much more about this shift in Europe, it’s cyclical as you said in your video. But I wanted to make sure this very important part was corrected, because many fans do not know or are informed about national league quality and strength throughout the world. Keep up the great videos!
Binay Dulal
Binay Dulal חודש לפני
spanish footbaal is more or less individual brilliance in past 3 to 4 years and failed to evolve as team game which is the main reason for their fallouts in europe
Mr JM10
Mr JM10 חודש לפני
< HI guys please check out my football channel.
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks חודש לפני
Good video. I know you're not just talking about this year but remember this season is a crazy season. Man utd, that destroyed sociedad were knocked out of the CL. Its a strange strange season this one.
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen חודש לפני
La liga will rise again When The new generasjon grows up
DraconianYT חודש לפני
@Ådne Gamst-Eriksen fint det også hvor i norge er du fra Jeg er fra drammen halvtime unna oslo
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen חודש לפני
@DraconianYT ikke stort, bare koser meg i Norge😎 akkurat som deg sjef
DraconianYT חודש לפני
@Ådne Gamst-Eriksen ahahaha hva skjeraaaaa
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen
Ådne Gamst-Eriksen חודש לפני
@DraconianYT eyy fellow nordmann
DraconianYT חודש לפני
Hvem lurte deg
Alexandre Wilson
Alexandre Wilson חודש לפני
Hahaha the good days of the spanish gvt financing its club on the back of the EU is over because they ran out of cash. Barcelona would never be Barcelona in France. It'd be a bang on average ligue 2 club at best.
CristaferRobin חודש לפני
Both madrid and barca are in transition seasons. madrid lost ronaldo, barca lost messi's prime. They are the two top sides in the world and the top players wish to get signed there.
pratik gupta
pratik gupta חודש לפני
I hate Bayern but, Bayern will win for sure.
Sir Noob Wulf
Sir Noob Wulf חודש לפני
I don't think the style is the problem. I mean especially with Barcelona if you look at the way they played against Liverpool in the first leg, They should have gone through easily. But they are mentally fragile and the old players certainly don't help. Even if you look at the first leg against Juventus away from home this season yes the match ended 2-0 but if you look at the game, barca was untouchable. I think it is simply the case of the big two from Spain going through a transition. If anything Atletico having improved makes a better case for Spanish football.
sriram swamy
sriram swamy חודש לפני
Athletico lost man...
Edoardo Davila
Edoardo Davila חודש לפני
You said Atletico may be the exception, but do not forget about Granada. Although I do not think they will win Europa League, I think they can, at least, reach the semi finals.
Rey חודש לפני
Barca going to fall harder but will bounce back. Madrid will bounce back when their stadium is finished with renovations, the fans coming back, and then buying players that they need like a CB CDM and a striker.
muhamed ali
muhamed ali חודש לפני
I dont know about barca but who ever thinks real madrid have fallen behind is a idiot, they are first ever super club and they set benchmarrk sinces 50s, you will be reminded who the big boss is in european fotball very soon.
Filip Gjud
Filip Gjud חודש לפני
Also, the additional aid coming from lucrative TV rights in England, and Petrodollar teams such as City, PSG helped a lot! More and more players opted for such clubs, even coaches! Don’t forget that spanish coaches are at the helms of the biggest and strongest club atm.
Filip Gjud
Filip Gjud חודש לפני
One does not exclude the other
tik lester
tik lester חודש לפני
And now eyeing on mbappe , what a disgrace . Buy him for 300 mil instead of building the team
tik lester
tik lester חודש לפני
Duhhh ... Never heard city spending more money than barca or real . Don't just talk shit without knowing anything. Whatever you call them petrodollar , oil club bla bla bla but they know to spend wisely . Not like real or barca who just focus on superstars . Never heard city buying players over 100 mil like u idiots do . What happened to hazard n coutinho now lol want other clubs superstars right enjoy now .
Vitaly B
Vitaly B חודש לפני
Since your from Mtl, what are your thoughts on the rebrand of the impact? Would love to hear your thoughts in a video or even a comment!
watch tuber
watch tuber חודש לפני
Damm this hurts
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist חודש לפני
What's that beat in the background? It's fire You gotta tell us it's name
Wavy Soles
Wavy Soles חודש לפני
I don’t think that it’s not as effective or to slow, if anything I think the proper manager and players aren’t together to play that certain way so therefore it’s not effective
lit guy
lit guy חודש לפני
Real Madrid still have more UCL cups than the current top 4 in the premier league
lobachevscki חודש לפני
You know that Capello said completely the opposite you said: he used to say that chasing the team at the top was the hard thing to do, or at least he most wearing. I wasnt able to find the quote on the internet, but I have been following Serie A for almost 25 years now and he said that over and over again while in Juventus. If I find it I will share the link, but I think in this case I will side with Capello, at least in Serie A. To me it seems you are taking the saying from cycling, were what you say is undoubtedly true, but in Serie A the pressure is on the followers, not the top for a variety of reasons. That's why Capello preferred to start the season very strong and buit from the advantage of being leaders. Of course, those seasons were stained by the Calciopolis scandal, but thats pretty much what he did just right after Juventus with Real Madrid anyway.
Dennis חודש לפני
Bro your predictions about Barca & PSG was wrong and ATM will struggle against Chelsea
Super Mario4205
Super Mario4205 חודש לפני
EPL has the highest number of teams that are good enough to compete in Europe, let it be Everton, Man City, Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Villa, Leicester, West Ham, Wolves... All these teams can easily compete in Europe, the have some world class players in each team and can easily reach the knockout rounds or even win it! So sad only top 7 clubs go into Europe.. the league is so competitive right now, no other League even comes close.. Other leagues have may be a top 2 or 4 teams and the rest are all just cannon fodder, when it comes to crunch time, they falter because they are not used to the pressure.. with Bayern being the only exception lol 🤣🤣
DRam 90
DRam 90 חודש לפני
I haven't seen a single Rabona on this channel wake up people
rayX98 חודש לפני
Valverde wasn't bad
extinctcel חודש לפני
Spanish teams like Granada and Real Betis are rising
Rujo Onye
Rujo Onye חודש לפני
I believe it is just a natural cycle
Nyght Fëis
Nyght Fëis חודש לפני
It’s just a cycle, as a Madrid fan if Madrid get Mbappe and Barca’s new president start the reconstruction of the club and get a star like Halaand, La liga will star going moving up again.
Orlando Velastegui
Orlando Velastegui חודש לפני
English teams are overrated!!!
Orlando Velastegui
Orlando Velastegui חודש לפני
Can wait Atletico Madrid beats Chelsea. Real Madrid beats Sandoria
dor azati
dor azati חודש לפני
All real madrid problems come from the attack! when your attack is not scoring then other teams feel comfortable to play higher and challange your defence more. most of real madrid losts and draws are by a difference of 1 goal, if real madrid had a strong attack they could have collected alot more points then they have. with all do respect, real madrid have a huge problem in the attack and a minor problem in the defence.
Jordan Kennedy
Jordan Kennedy חודש לפני
If English clubs didn't need to play 3 times a week, they'd be miles ahead of the pack. German football is English football with rest days, and they are all the better for it.
allen martin almeida
allen martin almeida חודש לפני
You do realise , the more you play , the better you get !! Fatigue has never been a reason for their elimination
joseph chavez
joseph chavez חודש לפני
Just wait till fati back
Wingme חודש לפני
please stop blaming real madrid, almost half ot their squad is injured right now
Tyler Solvestri
Tyler Solvestri חודש לפני
Before that they were terrible.
JP חודש לפני
FC Barcelona is suffering from a syndrome called Bartomeu; which they're still recovering from.
Tyler Solvestri
Tyler Solvestri חודש לפני
No shit, it you get shot on the belly you will have sequels of that event.
Kamal Rifka
Kamal Rifka חודש לפני
Funny how Real’s decline means Spain is shit now 😂
Joao Lobo
Joao Lobo חודש לפני
Atlético Madrid will be good this season on the CL...... I mean........ JOÃO FUCKING FÉLIX!!!!! 🔴⚪
HIM1984 חודש לפני
Good video. You expressed your ideas very clearly and logically. I share your pov, Spanish football is in decline to some degree as the top three with a couple that usually make Europa all experiencing some kind of transition, couple that with the loss or decline of generational or once in a lifetime talents and those top Spanish teams are very mortal. I also agree that tactically the way they see the game and attempt to play it has to evolve. Technicality and guile will always have its place, however so too does athleticism, structural discipline and gamesmanship (yes even that...). Let's see how long they'll be below par.
Requiem חודש לפני
Real just needs some big signings, like they always used to do, but lately they haven't
Ace Gamer
Ace Gamer חודש לפני
Football Is Goin Back To England Or Italy I think So, I m Just Saying But No Spain Teams Will win Ucl In 2021/22/23/24 Maybe teams like Liverpool ,man C , Milan ,Juve ,bayern Will Rule The world
KingBaneThe1st חודש לפני
The photo at 6:15 is from the 2011 UCL final, not 2009
Abdulahi Mo
Abdulahi Mo חודש לפני
Well it might take few years for Spanish clubs to recover from the pendemic side effects... For Barca we have too many problems off the pitch so I'm not shocked several months had passed without management Board... looking forward how they will fix this mess sadly we not getting any Top deals with Barca in debt as it seems now maybe we gotta be patient for next season as well and consider it transition season.
mamuka yakobashvili
mamuka yakobashvili חודש לפני
Great material. Thanks. Well done
ThePeacefulChannel חודש לפני
Serie A on a top 10 anime comeback run
Jorge Sevilla
Jorge Sevilla חודש לפני
I think is part of a natural cycle for Madrid, Barcelona situation is more complicated due to their economic crisis, but they were in Madrid situation as well but they failed in renewing their team, let's see if Madrid can do it better, for me La Liga is now like Premier League was from 2013-2017, they had great teams in general but almost all of them were some levels behind the top teams (Madrid, Bayern, Barça, Juve and Atleti). Then the rest teams of La Liga in my opinion aren't that far from their similar rivals of other leagues, Real Sociedad is doing shit in La Liga for more than a month after their great start, while United is one of the top 3 teams in England now, so for me it wasn't strange that United destroy them, but the same day Granada defeated Napoli 2-0, for me the problem is with top teams. Next week it will be interesting to see that Madrid-Atalanta, because this season Madrid failed against teams worst than them but managed to win both games against current Serie A leaders, win the group against Monchengladbach after their horrible start in the group stage, and defeated Atleti, Barcelona and Sevilla in La Liga. But of course Atlético-Chelsea will be the main event, and the best chance to compare the level of La Liga and Premier.
Hazi SK
Hazi SK חודש לפני
3:25 man Utd vs Sevilla was at the juventus stadium
Teukka חודש לפני
When no english club was in final for seven years no one talked about them falling behind it’s just a bad period for spanish teams
Jordan Vasilev
Jordan Vasilev חודש לפני
They depended on Cristiano, Messi and Simeone for so many years. When Cristiano left, R.Madrid were no longer considered one of the greats, and Messi's level since Xavi and Iniesta left is not even half of what it used to be. So, Barcelona is been out of the convo for some time now. The only hope spanish football has to be on top again is Simeone.
Tyler Solvestri
Tyler Solvestri חודש לפני
Lol no. Barca depends of a good project to show their dominance, Madrid depends of Cash...
beggus neggus
beggus neggus חודש לפני
barca are gonna need like 5 years to recover
Bilaal Ahmed
Bilaal Ahmed חודש לפני
German and French league are dead. One team leagues at worst 2 team leagues at best.
bitegoatie חודש לפני
The Champions League is as scripted and phony as the World Cup. Yes, there are cycles. Just as in professional wrestling, scripts need to change. There is also money. Lots of money. Barcelona played terribly this week for lack of a manager. The Dortmund game was a joke. When Sevilla played, they dominated. Suddenly, they forgot how to play. Lastly, forgetting the phoniness of the competition, it is a mere competition. No lessons can be drawn from an elimination competition where everyone, more or less, can win on a given day. Pedri has shown signs of being of a player in a couple of years, not now. No, Spanish football does not need to change style. There is no Spanish style. There is no doubting Spain's league is weak this year. I do not see any leagues that aren't crap now in Europe. The UCL turns on scripting and money, and outcomes - across the whole tournament, not in a given match - flow in favor of money-spending clubs from countries that do not drag them down with problems with their economies. With Spain reeling of late and the financial strains hitting even the big clubs, Italy in recent years struggling with the possible exception of Juventus (on the money-spending scale, not player quality - UEFA and FIFA are about money), France's Ligue 1 facing financial trouble even before the virus despite PSG having big backing, Portugal's big three always screwed in UEFA, even when they dominate matches (though recently even Porto has taken to tanking at their appointed exit time), again for lack of money and small-country roots, that leaves Germany and England. There's money in these places. It's interesting that between UCL wins, despite great Bundesliga success, Bayern forgot how to play at its appointed moments. Note BM team relies on old guys too. Reliance on older players is not the issue. Foot speed, especially while dribbling, has always been an issue in football. Nothing has changed there. Money and storyline sculpting from the top has been the story in UEFA for at least a decade, but likely much longer. And it has made play in the UCL worse over time, just as these practices of turning sports into serial melodrama, with sideline marketing through the fetishization of the transfer market, concessions and kit rotation, and sideline action/corruption through multilevel involvement with the legalized theft that is gambling. I wish this were not so, but to my mind - having spent way too much time tracking football for distraction during a far-too-long-term illness (better than dying, which is the endgame for this disease) - I can find no way to avoid this opinion that fits what I'm watching. They were a bit slower to optimize, in financial and mismarketing terms, the Europa League, but that too is not honest competition. At this point, the organizations that run football are running the sport into the ground. Just as modern finance has created a class of corporate owners and their top managers who make bundles of short-term money for very few people when by various means they "harvest" decades-old (or centuries-old) companies that served the prior owners and employees, their markets, and their communities, so are a few people at the collecting end of the money vacuum cleaner of football trying to stick the suction end of the hose into as many communities as they can, even if that practice clogs and breaks the machine. They seem to want to control both the flow of games and the outcomes, all to make an exciting but predictable from the top. They want big-market teams winning, but to have the odd feel-good story breaking things up - and bringing compensating side-action rewards for those in the know. To their minds, apparently, this is football optimized. That pesky unpredictability of teams fully competing gets delivered in small, partial-match doses, supporters get packaged drama (so many time-expiring game-saving stops and half-beating or winning goals!), and owners get more-predictable schedules and cash flow. What could go wrong? The quality of play mysteriously drops deeply and returns to competence over whole matches but also, more disturbingly, in different parts of matches. A team used to be awful on a given day, or even for a hung over half. Now we get periods of complete ineptitude followed a few minutes later by the team you know and you tuned in to watch, with nothing in between to explain the change. Football was only like this in the past during isolated periods of corruption. Now it has become the norm, so no one questions it. I intended to suspend disbelief, as I do every season, to respond to the points you make on the general state of European football. It turns out I can't discuss such things without discussing the huge shark in the room devouring the sport. It would be great if we had investigative journalists investigating the power structures in football and how they have rearranged the product in full American scorched-earth style. From the for-the-good-of-the-sport and nondisclosure sections of standard staff contracts to the financial arrangements, the interactions between clubs and leagues. I can't do this work. Someone should. I can't take the UCL seriously enough to see its results as a sign of anything on the level of sport. We can see various displays of talent, but that's all we get that bears discussion. I guess I should stop writing football responses. These little expositions are too hard to do for me and no one wants to hear their sport is in the toilet. Oh well. I like your vids.
James חודש לפני
Lets not forget Athletico and sevilla winning europa
Gontrand Jojo
Gontrand Jojo חודש לפני
Atletico and Sevilla won multiple Europa Leagues last 10 years -> English people: "these teams are farmers, La Liga is only Real and Barca." Arsenal and Tottenham have 0 European trophies and end up every year at least 20 points behind the leader in EPL -> English people: "Arsenal and Tottenham big 6, EPL harsh and competitive". Couldn't be more deluded...
Meatieso García
Meatieso García חודש לפני
I don't agree with this. Sevilla has never been a Champions League club, and their poor performance means that Spanish league is unbalanced, not necessarily in poor shape. Somehow we are forgetting Atlético de Madrid lost Against Leipzig after months of not playing (many teams felt that loss of momentum, and it was clear in Atlético's case) just after defeating the at the time current champions, Liverpool. Are we forgetting that somehow? Madrid And Barcelona are in bad shape, both teams are in the bad part of a cycle, like it happened before. Barça was embarrasing, more than today, in the early 2000s until Ronaldinho started to change the club. Real Madrid was emabarrasing for a time in the mid 2000s, they'll both come back, for better or worse. If Atlético fails to really play at the same level, we could say that Spanish teams may have a problem. But until then, this is pointless and we can talk about how those two rdominant teams are falling behind. Two teams, not Spanish teams. Liverpool wins one Champions Cup and suddently English teams are dominant now. Give me a break.
Jawad Shah
Jawad Shah חודש לפני
Maybe it's cos most managers have moved from Spain to other countries
Pao Chongloi
Pao Chongloi חודש לפני
Football need a little bit of Luck. I don't know why people tend to forget that. I know elite team is most likely to win but it "never" depend on how beautiful you play. It depend on how you take your chances & create it. But there is a slightest thing called luck which unexpectedly top team loses to bottom league team from other league too. We are talking about a competition where we play off 13-15 matches in overall if you reach the final. Cannot even compare to the league games with 38 Games.
Ben Henry
Ben Henry חודש לפני
1956 to 1967 : latin domination 1967 to 1985 : Anglo-Saxon domination 1986 to 1989 : the years of the underdogs 1989 to 1998 : Italian domination 1998 to 2009 : Spanish, English and Italians share the domination ? 2009 to 2018 : Spanish domination 2018 onwards : ??? (English and German clubs ?)
Ben Henry
Ben Henry חודש לפני
@Gontrand Jojo Yeah you're right, i just wanted a term that could includ Dutch, German and English but it would maybe have been better to say "Southern Europe" and "Northern Europe" to really stress the difference and be more accurate
Gontrand Jojo
Gontrand Jojo חודש לפני
1956-1969: latin domination 1970-1976: Dutch and German domination (or Ajax/Bayern) 1977-1985: Anglo-Saxon domination Would be more correct... because 1 victory from Man Utd in 1968 (and no other English club in finale except Leeds in 1975) is not really enough to include 1967-1976 in the "Anglo-saxon domination"... (compared to 4 Dutch and 3 German victories).
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