10 Players Who SAVED Their Career!

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On today’s video, we’re counting down 10 players whose careers once looked in serious trouble, but have turned a corner in a big way in the last two years. From Luke Shaw, whose place in the Manchester United first team looked as good as lost in the summer of 2020 but has since become a key player at Old Trafford, to John Stones, who looked almost certain to leave Manchester City before his re-entry into the team alongside Ruben Dias helped transform Pep Guardiola’s side into the most defensively robust outfit in the Premier League, these players have all put bad form and tough spells behind them in the last season or two.
We also take a look at Alvaro Morata, whose confidence and all-round play has improved massively since returning to Juventus; Ross Barkley, who is experiencing a second wind on loan at Aston Villa from Chelsea; Andre Silva, whose goalscoring exploits for Eintracht Frankfurt have made his awful spell at AC Milan a distant memory; and Theo Hernandez, who is in the form of his life at the San Siro, having been considered not good enough for Real Madrid.


Noobontop 11 ימים לפני
If Lingard or minamino aren’t in this I don’t know who are..
mor t
mor t 18 ימים לפני
GABE AWESOME21 28 ימים לפני
Stones becomes the best when there is a international competition that next summer but then when there isn’t he is shit but you can deny that he was on fire in the 2018 World Cup with like 2 or 3 goals
Dusan Makivic
Dusan Makivic חודש לפני
Kuba Latusek
Kuba Latusek חודש לפני
Xander Van Damme
Xander Van Damme חודש לפני
Alvaro Morata is the most overrated player ever to play in Europe.
Tyler Birch-Machin
Tyler Birch-Machin חודש לפני
Best lb in world
OndisOndyyKnedlicek חודש לפני
What about Romelu Lukaku? hes class in Inter
Puso Motlhabai
Puso Motlhabai חודש לפני
Jesse Lingard 💯💯💯
Patrick Giordan
Patrick Giordan חודש לפני
Bamford and Targett a shout too. Both would have been replaced had a decent player at a good price would have came up for their clubs Leeds and villa, neither were replaced and now Targetts rumoured to be in contention with an England spot and bamford is too (although he's got a lot more experienced competition in front of him)
Marina Iannone
Marina Iannone חודש לפני
Coman was always gd. I think Ghoulam or Lozano should replace him
Tarvold חודש לפני
Aaron Cresswell deserves a mention.
AC-T21 חודש לפני
Luke shaw would be the most improved on this list
moonSick חודש לפני
Jose is the one who kills careers
Samuel Steinwender
Samuel Steinwender חודש לפני
Lord Lingardinho would have deserved a place
ALI ZEBARI חודש לפני
Where is lingardinho
Danny Owen
Danny Owen חודש לפני
Ross Barkley is like the worst player in villas starting 11. Trust me I’m a villa fan.
Ishmail Gani
Ishmail Gani חודש לפני
3:17 shaw is bleeding!
Tich Marumahoko
Tich Marumahoko חודש לפני
philipe Coutinho
BigMack 2011
BigMack 2011 חודש לפני
Δημητρης Καρανδινος
Δημητρης Καρανδινος חודש לפני
Mohamad Dokhi
Mohamad Dokhi חודש לפני
Where is Carrasco
Davis Ngaruko Nzosaba
Davis Ngaruko Nzosaba חודש לפני
Why isn't Phil Jones there he is a monster at scoring goals for Manchester United
Davide Biricchini
Davide Biricchini חודש לפני
Lozano deserves a spot in there
erbro חודש לפני
Where's Jesse Lingard
Zornath חודש לפני
why is morata here? he only has 4 goals or something and plays really bad
Marcel 000
Marcel 000 חודש לפני
I hope stones gets Team of the Year
mkd חודש לפני
Good video man!
Jae חודש לפני
Rmb when Barkley was rumored to move to Man City.... thank god!
andr_ gaming
andr_ gaming חודש לפני
how to improve a player, sign someone to take his place and there you have it he’ll finally do better
Expert Murre
Expert Murre חודש לפני
you forgot gundogan
Lorik חודש לפני
This video tells how chelsea are ruining players careers
mercGod חודש לפני
Yes barnsley boy what a player
Don Mакаvэli
Don Mакаvэli חודש לפני
The new one : Christian Eriksen.
DAMN YO חודש לפני
Put Moise Kean to,he have been so many club,but at psg💥🔥
MATRIX Lomachenko
MATRIX Lomachenko חודש לפני
Chelsea haters channel
- חודש לפני
U forgot jesse lingardinho and luka jović
9M Hiro
9M Hiro חודש לפני
John stones actually should be leave this summer or january if i'm not wrong many club already link with him, but he manage to get his place back, now laporte in danger
Matthias M
Matthias M חודש לפני
OlavSjølie חודש לפני
What about Jesse Lingard?
AS7MC חודש לפני
Abhishek Tanwar
Abhishek Tanwar חודש לפני
No lingard or Emiliano Martinez??
Het Pandya
Het Pandya חודש לפני
jesse lingard?
Kuy Soursdey
Kuy Soursdey חודש לפני
Ruben Dias and John stone are more danger than van dijk and Gomez now
Dhiab Alawar
Dhiab Alawar חודש לפני
Wheres gundogan
Subbooo חודש לפני
U guys missed lingardinho
Ibrahim Mansoorali
Ibrahim Mansoorali חודש לפני
Xhaka redemption arc
Mr. NotAmeerkat
Mr. NotAmeerkat חודש לפני
Shaw *munching some lays Woodward : "We have announced the signing of Alex Telles to replace Luke Shaw " Luke Shaw : OH I see next year : Luke shaw best left back of the year
Thanell 13
Thanell 13 חודש לפני
Really glad to see my boys Ross and Luke bouncing back after tough years. I always signed them back in fifa 14 to my man city as hot English prospects in their respective positions and I thought they flopped
RandomMemes חודש לפני
Leon Poš
Leon Poš חודש לפני
england now have stones, shaw, wan bissaka, walker and alexander arnold at the back they looking dangerous
Leon Poš
Leon Poš חודש לפני
and konsa was very good this season
chrigee 1
chrigee 1 חודש לפני
where‘s karim benzema?
Varsha Chavda
Varsha Chavda חודש לפני
Basically if you want to be a great player go to UK when you are young and you will bounce up.
Inah Muztapha21
Inah Muztapha21 חודש לפני
Cancelo should be there!
siddhanshu agarwal
siddhanshu agarwal חודש לפני
Channel speaker: Juve The whole world: Juve YT subtitles: uv
I Need My Money Back
I Need My Money Back חודש לפני
How did Morata even get to consistently play with big clubs for years?
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez חודש לפני
Cancelo must be on the list
Cod Gaming
Cod Gaming חודש לפני
Rip haaland
Viandra Monisyaf
Viandra Monisyaf חודש לפני
Luke Shaw better be on this list
Special mention gundoan
Dynamis Konzern
Dynamis Konzern חודש לפני
Theo Hernandez ❤🖤🔥
Pablo Mueller
Pablo Mueller חודש לפני
How bout Jesse Lingard
Spy Sports
Spy Sports חודש לפני
Chelsea can’t sign good strikers they half to get youth players like Tammy Abraham 😂😂😂
Daniel De la Cruz
Daniel De la Cruz חודש לפני
You edited your comment yet still can’t spell have right..
Charley Nilsson
Charley Nilsson חודש לפני
Damn I completely forgot City signed Aké.
Bossman kb Awesome
Bossman kb Awesome חודש לפני
Useless signing
enos badaso
enos badaso חודש לפני
marcos alonso ?..........
Charlie Mulligan
Charlie Mulligan חודש לפני
Chelsea is not a big club
Benn Emri
Benn Emri חודש לפני
Still i can't believe andre silva how he saved his career
AKASH S חודש לפני
Jon stones❤️
D Duff Thangkhiew
D Duff Thangkhiew חודש לפני
Jesse lingard??
Rohin חודש לפני
OTZ MDR 3 חודש לפני
Muller should be here, remember not even 3 years ago people were saying that he’s getting old and his game was only going down but now he’s one of the best midfielders we record breaking assist
yurr חודש לפני
Jesus loves you repent before its too late .
Mohamed saed
Mohamed saed חודש לפני
Martinez aston villa and lingard shouldve been here
Noah Leydon
Noah Leydon חודש לפני
barkley has been playing really bad recently
Abel חודש לפני
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel חודש לפני
What about gaberiel barbosa failed at inter and now a top scorer
Thomas Fishwick
Thomas Fishwick חודש לפני
Big up Shaw!! My g
Fortuna 2620
Fortuna 2620 חודש לפני
adel taarabt too
Jacob Wassell
Jacob Wassell חודש לפני
Bamford ??
Lahav Zaken
Lahav Zaken חודש לפני
Sub to @AbirZaken
Frazzel God
Frazzel God חודש לפני
Can’t forget Jesse lingard with his move from man united to West Ham
Desire Madoro
Desire Madoro חודש לפני
10. Alvaro Morato 9.Ross Barkley 8.Luke Shaw 7.Kingsley Coman 6.Theo Hernandez 5.Henrikh Mkhitaryan 4.Andre Silva 3.Gael Kakuta 2.John Stones 1.Steven Caulker Youre welcome Lingard loading on this list
Jedrick Rebello
Jedrick Rebello חודש לפני
Timo werner
MLDone חודש לפני
Ok but where s gundogan
gsvabab hahah
gsvabab hahah חודש לפני
Aulers חודש לפני
Patrick bamford?
Mukanya Malumba Olivier
Mukanya Malumba Olivier חודש לפני
Kakuta is CONGOLESE please 😊😊🇨🇩🇨🇩
HCLF Gaming
HCLF Gaming חודש לפני
I think for a centre back it is as important to have the right cb partner who compliments the players abilities as it is to be a good centre back
Justin Dobry
Justin Dobry חודש לפני
So basically if a player goes to Chelsea they’re bad and then they’re good after they leave😂
Totoiej Tutdbbe
Totoiej Tutdbbe חודש לפני
Barkley was very good even at Chelsea.
Sthabiso Mhlongo
Sthabiso Mhlongo חודש לפני
Emi Martinez deserves a shout. Having only had 15 appearances for Arsenal in 8years to being amongst the best keepers in the premier league this season.
BurgerToons חודש לפני
Ndombele is underrated
Sam Nassiri
Sam Nassiri חודש לפני
I can't understand how someone can see their career suffer like that when they know they can play like a top-flight keeper
Bossman kb Awesome
Bossman kb Awesome חודש לפני
@Joe Marlow I’m glad u said targett what a player
Sthabiso Mhlongo
Sthabiso Mhlongo חודש לפני
@Joe Marlow Good shout. I think Targett was really promising for Southampton until about 2016, then his form sorta dropped. But now he's back on top form
Sthabiso Mhlongo
Sthabiso Mhlongo חודש לפני
@Ali Alawi He has been at Arsenal since 2012, that's 6yrs before Leno arrived. He was always being loaned out to Championship teams, none of which he was a nailed on starter for. I think Villa is the first team in his career he makes over 20 appearances for
Dylan Campbell
Dylan Campbell חודש לפני
I like how we (Chelsea) just needlessly ruin players haha
Jose Rivadeneira
Jose Rivadeneira חודש לפני
Havertz Werner and haversack will be in this video in 2-3 years
Tyler Garcia
Tyler Garcia חודש לפני
Jesse Lingard
Anthonyh Harper
Anthonyh Harper חודש לפני
Barkley? Really? Started well but has gone right off the boil.
[B]Parth Singh Jhala
[B]Parth Singh Jhala חודש לפני
Stones can only be beaten by paper
Federick 01
Federick 01 חודש לפני
Moise Kean, Renato Sanches???
Bossman kb Awesome
Bossman kb Awesome חודש לפני
Their like 6 years old 😂 still very young
Han Wen Yap
Han Wen Yap חודש לפני
Are Kingsley Coman's siblings called Queensley and Princesley?
Kagiso Selabe
Kagiso Selabe חודש לפני
9:48 I thought messi joined man city 😂😂
ninjaXavier2 28 ימים לפני
not yet
Droptopsonata חודש לפני
hahahaha that does look like messi
skydiver 21
skydiver 21 חודש לפני
Danilo , Lemar , emi Martinez , bamford , aurier , xhaka , Antonio , moise Kean , Vasquez and lingardinho these guys have also been amazing
Puso Motlhabai
Puso Motlhabai חודש לפני
Lord Lingard
andrew perez
andrew perez חודש לפני
Días saved Stones career fr he’d be playing for Arsenal by now lol
WrightzACE חודש לפני
Wow so funny
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